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  • Happy Birthday, Falthor! It's nice to know that you're now a legal adult!
    Sorry, I'm just not very good at conversation.

    In any case, the feature you're talking about is a vBulletin hack that Butterfree installed herself. Essentially, it allowed users to create anchors within posts by using the [anchor=anchorname] tag, then create links within the same post using [jump=anchorname]. I haven't seen a MyBB mod that does the same thing, so you might have to write one yourself.
    Well, I haven't played ToS in a while, actually, so I'm not sure how much help I'd really be with that. Actually, I did have something I wanted to ask you on the webmastering front, though. At any rate, sure, I'll help if I can.
    Well, unfortunately, that's like two and a half months of stuff; it would take a really long time to talk about it.

    I mean, I hiked on the great wall after having to hike to it when a traffic accident had us take some crazy detour up into the rural mountains, went to the wrong station and only barely managed to dash across the the right one in time only to find that the train had been canceled anyway, almost got sucked into an escalator fight, and arrived at a city at three in the morning to find out that everyone was sleeping outside on the streets like it was some crazy war zone. And that was within three days of arriving.
    Oh, plenty, yes. I couldn't really go through all of them, which is why I just summarized some in that thread.
    :P I'm nothing like the way I post IRL. I'm more like a five-year-old offline, honestly.
    Yes, but I'm personally not a big fan of it. It's the IRC channel, #tcod, on irc.veekun.com.
    'Sbeen that way for a while, dude. Guess you've been gone longer than I seem to recall. :p Yes, though.
    Well, I've been a member of TCOD since they first moved away from Proboards. Not sure what to call that...basically spent my high school years on here. XD;
    Well, Fate/Stay Night is somewhat of a love/fighting story, and yes, I admit, it does look like something romantic. XD;
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