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  • To throw a Substitute, you mean? I think you'd want Seismic Toss. I guess it could change depending on how much health the Substitute had left, like if it only had a very tiny amount of health left it might be small enough to Fling. Right now, though, I'll just say you should use Seismic Toss for that.
    It has a lowered chance of success every time it is successfully used consecutively. So if you use it once (with 100% chance of success), the next use it'll have a 50% chance of success. If it works, the next use will have a 25% chance of success. If it fails, though, the next use will have a 100% chance of success again.

    Yes, Lillibeth will be waiting for Zack every action.

    (Not a problem, I've been appreciating the break, really. :p I probably won't be doing any writing for that until the weekend, anyway.)
    ah! I only just got the forums to work again on my computer, so it has taken until now to say thank you for the pumpkaboo! it is adorable :3
    that's okay, it's not like my commands were very... interesting... Nando is simply thrilled to have others fawning over her edgy haircut again!
    caps aside I need a name for little riolu aaahh
    Based on the description of Vital Throw, I think it's okay to be used reactively. It's mostly moves where the success actually relies on what the opponent does that are affected, because they involve the Pokémon making some preparation before the opponent attacks. So Counter and Avalanche cannot be used reactively, but Vital Throw and Roar are fine, for example.

    Nope, the high priority of those moves is because they can be used very quickly, so they're perfect to be used reactively without losing priority. If your opponent was using a +1 priority move and you were commanding a +1 priority move reactively, though, you'd lose the priority due to waiting just the same as if you'd both commanded 0 priority moves.
    Hi Byrus! This tends to vary a lot between refs, but I don't allow most negative-priority moves (Focus Punch in particular, since that's one that definitely takes a full action) to be used reactively, as there's just not enough time for them to get charged up and fired off. MF said it was okay for me to enforce this in the tournament battle and give you a heads-up, so I asked MD not to post his commands until you've had a chance to see this and change yours accordingly. If you think that policy is particularly unfair or troublesome, then I guess we can discuss what to do about it since this is a tournament battle and I think a lot of refs do allow Focus Punch to be used reactively.
    If Nando had clones, would Sefer still use Earth Power or would it switch to Rock Polish?
    Awww, you actually read some of the earlier goings-on in the thread! I'm so pleased :3 (I wanted to say this now because by the time I got to posting commands I would probably forget!)
    Sangfroidish and I had a discussion about that. Because Golett can fly, it was agreed that Sefer was allowed as long as they were always floating above the bridge.
    :D!!! Thank you for picking up our battle! Django, Cirrus, Chloris, Nando, Sefer, and possibly Tassorosso can't wait to finally evolve! :D
    No, I never actually googled the name, but this is excellent. I wonder if Jack did that on purpose because of Arena Trap, or he just thought Pokey was a cute name. (Pokey's Attract also put Cool Beauty Violet Temptation in a state of great temptation! But I suppose that part was obvious.)
    LOL WHOOPS MF pointed out that in my excitement to post a battle thread, I kind of neglected to give you a chance to adjust your squad again in accordance with MD's changes, so if you would have liked to do that, I guess we can set an actual time for your battle thread to be posted and have a do-over.
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