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  • it did thanks! haha god it's been 2 weeks and i still can't move very fast or use my arms /that/ much but it'll get there eventually right. also happy late birthday ghfkjg
    I haven't actually played X/Y so I wouldn't know from personal experience, but I found this gameplay picture, which makes it look to me like concrete/stone for at least 6ish feet down from the balcony. There looks like enough space for digging to work, but only some Pokemon would physically be able to break through it, like Ground types with an emphasis towards bulk and strength (Graveler) or just generally very strong, bulky Pokemon. Each stage of the attack would take 3-5% more energy than normal, though (if the Pokemon had a physical implement to help it dig, like in Eifie's example Rhydon's horn, I'd add less but still some extra energy.) I don't think I would allow a one-action Dig solely because of the material the floor's made of.

    edit: Okay, looking through your active squads, I think the only Pokemon I'd let Dig work for are Gorouna (Graveler) for 3-4% extra energy per stage and maybe Llara (Ferrothorn) for 4-5%.
    Okay, thanks for letting me know! I'll open the battle now, and then you and Superbird can get to commands.
    Hey Byrus! In addition to what Keldeo said below, I'm going to do some rearranging of the refs so that you and Keldeo aren't reffing each other's battles. Would you mind switching with Kratos and reffing Music Dragon vs TruetoCheese instead?
    Hi, you'll be taking Crazy Linoone's place in this tournament battle, against Superbird, so you can take some time to rearrange your squad. Let me know when you're ready.
    I'll definitely try. I told him that you mentioned him but his response was...not promising. I'll see what I can do, though. Maybe if I make referee and start talking about how that is it'll jog his excitement.
    Thanks a bunch, man! I'm probably entirely too rusty for a tournament, and I'm currently filling my time by looking back at the monstrosity I was when I was eleven.

    Blastoise is on the edge right now, but perhaps if I tell him he's duly missed, he'll lean towards coming back!
    I would like to continue my battle with Dazel, and hopefully finish it before the next round of the tournament. Could you please issue a DQ warning?
    Ah, yeah, I just didn't notice it had ended. I'll have to give out prizes for that manually; I'll do that in the morning.
    Hi, just letting you know that my paralysis scale has changed, so you can feel free to recommand in the tournament battle.
    I count stuff with a fixed time duration (Taunt, Torment, Telekinesis, etc.) in terms of the target's actions - Faraday was affected for 3 of her actions, so Telekinesis faded then.
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