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  • Good times in the past... No one ever told us that friends on the internet wouldn't always be there. Miss you and all my old friends, perhaps we'll speak again one day, perhaps not. Life is confusing.
    Generally upkeep moves last for five of the opponent's actions, and you pay the upkeep cost for each of those. So since Cirrus is attacking first, he'll pay 1% to put up the Safeguard and another 1% that same action to keep it up, and at the end of the first action his Safeguard will have four actions remaining.
    hehe, I've been waiting for my chance at mentoring for ages. Good luck! c:
    All right, the baby squad is all ready! If Zhorken's already given you ref permissions in the db, you're good to go. (also, you may have missed my edit in the last VM since it took me a while to type, haha)
    Haha, well I mean, I was pretty nervous when I was the one being tested (although then again my mentor was Negrek as opposed to some fluff who cries at pictures of puppies). We totally want you to succeed, though, so we're not going to be like cruelly picking your work apart or anything like that! You're always free (and in fact encouraged) to ask questions in the question box or directly to me, because one of the things we're looking for most in new refs is being able to do your research because situations are always going to come to that you're unfamiliar with, and the best way to handle them is to try to find examples of precedent or just ask. (I personally do not at all mind answering dozens of PMs in the first few rounds just to confirm things if you're feeling uncertain, either.)

    edit: accidentally posted this before I was ready because thanks, mobile. Anyway, it's expected for you to make some mistakes in the first few rounds and that's not going to count against you much (if at all) as long as you're able to learn from them. It's not like nobody else makes mistakes, either, experienced or not. Wargle and I get a battle with a guaranteed ref so I mean, it's hardly like this is going to be a burden. It'll be fun! c:
    Hey, would you mind giving me a heads up right before you put up our battle thread? I don't actually want to do this test battle with my tournament squad :p
    Good luck in the tournament! It looks like this might be the first one we actually manage to complete, so that should be awesome.

    It'd be great if you encouraged Blastoise back, 'cause it always cool to see old members returning. We got an influx of oldies coming back after ASB reopened and it really helped maked the game more fun.
    Hey, good to see you back in ASB! Is Blastoise interested in returning?
    even if you do have life stuff, could you at wrap up this battle?

    I mean, you're going to lose no matter what you do at this point, so I'd prefer you just go waste energy or something, but I'd prefer that to a DQ, because a DQ's rewards would be less.
    Yep, didn't work out.

    I also changed the name to a more correct translation of 'πάγος φέρουν'. Also, I shall be giving you that Prism Scale back, if you don't mind. I have one already, so.
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