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  • aww, I liked that some of them were spread out so you were just... randomly buying a new Paras every so often or something. I'm excited to unleash topping percentage onto his unsuspecting pizza fans!
    as I take a look at the Pokédex page for one of my friends making his tournament and battling debut... is Paras your favourite Pokémon?
    Just a note: since MD doesn't seem to have resolved his internet problem yet, if he doesn't show up in time to rearrange his squad then your tournament match is going to start a few days later than the others.
    Haha, yeah, I didn't notice Hypnosis at first and just saw that Superbird had ordered three Telekinesis-preventable moves (and was kind of stuck not using conditionals, though by his own choice) so I was kind of like :|.

    Theoretically it sounds like it could be cool if trapping moves are kind of very strong on the action they're used, but rapidly start to fade, so a Pokémon could sort of charge through a Fire Spin after an action or two while taking extra damage for running through a wall of fire, but even then it's usually the first action that's the problem anyway, so it's not that great. Maybe forcing your way out of ~the vortex~ could cause damage around the amount you'd take from being trapped for the full duration, but then people would probably just not bother using Fire Spin at all. Hmmm. :(
    Yeah, I'm gonna need another week on both. Today was shit and then I'm busy until next Saturday. Sorry. @_@
    I wanted to tell you I really like the song in your signature, so thank you for (indirectly) introducing me to it! c:
    You might want to poke Zhorken too, about having her mark you as an e-ref in the database.
    Hi, sorry for this, but for reasons stated on the absence sheet I'd like to forfeit my battle against Music Dragon.
    Hi, I won't have very much time to ref for the next couple days, so if you and Superbird don't want to wait until the weekend for a reffing in your tournament battle I'd recommend setting up an e-ref with Eifie, since I'm already over the DQ.
    Oh yeah that part was really, really cool. The first encounter with her was pretty wicked as well, but the last fight had me on the edge. :O

    I really hope that they'll make a sequel or something in the future, since I'm not much of a comic-reader and I'd rather play the way I like to play instead of reading pre-chosen dialogue. The end did kind of give a "to be continued..." vibe for me :P
    I actually finished the game yesterday and it was pretty damn cool and... twist-y (didn't want to clutter the thread so I came here). I really want to do another playthrough too and maybe try being a little nicer to everyone and choose differently to see where that lands me! Being the big bad asshole just comes more naturally for me, I guess :P

    I also ended up getting that (apparently kind of common) glitch where the end part of the last chapter didn't load properly and started with just a floating set of teeth instead of Bigby and blank choices for dialogue, but thankfully a simple reload fixed that :D
    Aww, that's nice of you! I just want to try to make sure everyone's having lots of fun with ASB, so it's worth having my own battles waiting anyway. Bonus points if you happen to post the reffing when Dragon and I are actually hanging out in The Real Life today so we can trash talk each other in person :O
    :D! Thanks for taking that battle! You don't have to worry much about reffing speed for that, by the way; Dragon is like, never online anyway. So we don't mind!
    Ah, I wondered the same thing a while ago. MF never specified, but I think he would have wanted it to be unique moves, since the Masteries are meant to encourage a variety of different kinds of play.
    That's great to hear! Hope you had your fill of cake, or whatever you like to have lol
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