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Eta Carinae
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  • Just letting you know that Totodile's agreed to step in for your tournament battle with Keldeo until TruetoCheese returns, so things should start moving along at a good pace now!
    I've been totally meaning to stop being a lazy motivationless shit and get back to that battle, but that was like over a week ago, which I imagine about sums up how that's likely to go. Go ahead.
    oh man, if I use my Goomy there will be fully six evolutions waiting on this battle. awesome.
    yoo, remember our battle on Dusky Bridge? (I didn't really, either). do you want to ask Sangfroidish is he's all right with us getting an e-ref or something? I just really really want my Blaziken and Altaria, haha.
    Can we give him a couple more days? I know it's been a long time, but it's my first battle back from a long hiatus, hope we can get it to finish legit. Maybe say DQ on Friday if he hasn't posted?
    Ah, sorry! I totally forgot. I'm gonna have to say no, though; I know it wouldn't affect anything in this particular case, but I don't want to get into the business of weighing rulebend requests. I'll correct something if it was an actual accident and just happened but past that is iffy.
    I forget where I got them originally, but I uploaded them all into a handy-dandy album.
    haha, I don't even remember who was the one interviewing me! I was kind of totally dazed after hitting the ground and I was just giving whoever was interviewing me really short and stupid answers without even looking at him.
    here's Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell and chicken man and Tinkerbell and Tinkerball and chicken man and Tinkerbell and chicken man!
    “Eelctrode, Diglett, Nidoran…”

    Where did they find these songwriters. The industry has gone to hell, I say.

    Also you forgot to mention Bobino's up to command next.
    Sure! It's not all that interesting to watch from the ground, but I'll PM you a link. You may want to skip the first minute or two because it's very slow going at first, because there's so much heavy rope to thread through the device when you're at the top.
    nonsense! there was no river for me to drown in, just cold, hard stone for my bones to shatter against!
    Because if you unburden the word unburdened it becomes unburden and is therefore faster to say.

    Game Freak making big plays.
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