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I liek Squirtles

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  • Awww, a love interest for Herbie! Combined with reffing my battle this is far too kind of you — I hope you enjoy your lumbering beast fish!
    No point fixing stuff in a mock battle; save your diligence for the real thing. ;)

    As far as ref test stuff goes, you're done.
    No worries. For what it's worth, I've found the energy costs in the db to be pretty reliable--and I'm working on (finally) getting together an official calculator, so you won't have to worry about errant button-presses if you decide to use it.
    Not off the top of my head. Supergiant actually put out another game a few months ago, Pyre. I presume it's similar in vein to the other two but I haven't actually gotten around to playing it yet.
    Nah, in this case my GameCube emulator, since I knew I had a pokémon with protect and safeguard in my XD save file. I would prefer to use a more recent game, since it's always possible that the order of precedent has changed since Gen III, but my 3DS is out of commission and my laptop doesn't want to run Citra.
    Not sure if there is a way to outright prevent it. Just killing all the Ura really quickly before they can kill your pets might work, but idk.
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this! I had to boot up an emulator to answer the protect/safeguard question, and it took me a while to get around to it. Anyway:

    1. Protect blocks the hypnosis
    2. I would tend to ref the hyper beam as single-action, simply because the player's commands wouldn't make much sense otherwise. Alternatively, I would ask for clarification about what they wanted.

    Obviously, you've already reffed the round, so I'll take into account that you did ask about this stuff but hadn't heard the answer back yet. Asking if you aren't sure is what you'd want to do, so it works. :P
    Well it's very good to hear you're enjoying it. Did you actually take physics in high school, or will the physics classes be your first exposure to that?
    Oh, that's super interesting. So you actually build little rockets? Have you done it before, in high school?
    Well, good job! Rocket team sounds interesting - I don't think we have a direct equivalent for that class at my college.
    Interesting choice. Just power through chemistry - it's kind of notorious, at most schools, I think. Physics is probably going to be a bit different, and that's what aerospace engineering really focuses on. It's cool that your school has a program like that - mine kind of cobbled something together, and I'm double majoring in CompSci and Psychology, but it's more "taking two majors" than a dual-degree program.
    That's excellent - I'm in similar situation, living on campus, except that I mostly don't get out much (standard nerd stuff, heh). Have you decided on a major yet?
    Yeah I meant college. I found it a lot better than high school, mostly because it started out a lot easier than my senior year of high school was, and I had so much more free time and control over how I used that time. Are you living on campus, or off?
    Oh, you've made it through high school! I hope it's been a good experience? Certainly, for me, it has.
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