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I liek Squirtles

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  • Yep, definitely still a thing! I really need to get active again... Anyway, you can totally do that, just apply for a new profile and you can start over, although it'll be understood that you can never touch your old one again.
    hey so VM changed his choice mafia choice, so did you want Sprites!Mafia instead now that it's open?
    I only really know how the stats work, I'm not the best at knowing how to actually use them. Since it has a flawless attack stat and also Shiftry's best stat is attack anyway, I'd say focus on physical moves.

    But I don't know what its nature was, so its attack might be increased/decreased by that.
    As an aside, a PSA to the Malaysian media:


    He's now been in SIX Olympic/worlds finals since 2008.

    He's 0-6 in them.

    Bringing up the law of averages, regardless of his real-life person, he ought to have won at least one of them, because if you're good enough to make the Olympic/worlds final six times, surely you're good enough to win at least one of those finals.

    Like I said: the most un-clutch athlete I've ever seen.
    ...And my comment about him being un-clutch proves itself again.

    0-3 in all three finals? Are you kidding me?

    What the hell happened to the law of averages? D:

    Welp, there's always Tokyo, I guess.
    Now it's up to Chong Wei, who, in an upset victory, made it to the final. (Though if I had my way, I'd rather have had the first gold have been won by someone other than him, because apparently he's somewhat of an asshole in real life. Still, for a country that's never won gold, you take what you can get, I guess. *shrugs ambivalently*)
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