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I liek Squirtles

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  • One word: un-clutch. D: (skip to 1:53:33)

    (To help you out with the title, which is in Malay, "perlawanan penuh" - full game, "lwn" - vs, "beregu lelaki" - men's doubles)
    Well, you called it. Azizul only managed a bronze, but in the men's doubles and mixed doubles in badminton, there will be a Malaysian team in the final of both, and neither was expected to happen. :o

    And now, to be quite honest, I will be amazed if neither ends up with the gold - somehow, this year, it just feels like destiny.
    10m platform.

    To be honest, I... don't really think the other two guys can do it. Chong Wei is one of the most un-clutch athletes I've ever seen (as the string of silvers and bronzes on his Wiki page will tell you), and Azizul isn't really a gold medal favourite (though it's not completely unrealistic). Thus, Pandelela has the best shot out of the three of them.
    Much like you, I'm also from a country that, before the Olympics started, has never won the gold in anything, ever, though we have three decent chances this year.

    But yeah, until that happens (if it does), I can only imagine what that instant must have been like, but I'm sure it's really something else.

    It's a historic moment - I'm sure every sports gear shop in town will have new posters up by the end of the week or something.

    (By the way, the best chance for us is probably Pandelela - she already won the silver in synchronized diving)
    I just watched the final. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that everyone is going absolutely ballistic right now. XD
    ah yes good. soon my nonsuspicious eifollowers shall overwhelm all! nonsuspiciously.
    A new face has appeared within the Cult of Eif! :O

    Did you know that all members of the Cult of Eif wear the eif badge in their signatures?!
    No problem, you don't have to get me anything! The Murkrow's up for trade anyway, haha.
    I was going to reply to your brexit thread by I pressed backspace and the browser went back and didn't save the message. I can't be bothered to write it all again, but I just want to let you to know there isn't disinterest in the thread :P
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