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I liek Squirtles

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  • I've posted some info in the Sign-up thread. Just thought you would be interested.
    yesssss! congratulations man, just one more year and you're basically qualified to build rockets
    Hey, just a heads up: I won't be able to get online for the next two days, so I can't do RP or the Friend Safari. I should be back Monday 4:00 Eastern time though. I'm sorry bout the inconvenience!
    A school project that involves my entire grade. We're developing the land behind our school into a habitat for local wildlife. It's pretty big.
    Thanks for wishing me well! I got the grant, so i'd say it went pretty well!

    And congrats on becoming a senior!
    I wanted to change it somewhat to appeal to other styles of RPing. It doesn't need the changes, but it will only attract a small group. Anyway, RP is up, I hope you like my portrayal of dark-types.
    Ok Marcos is in. Starting the RP soon. Thanks, although my original premise needs some major revision.
    For the record, I haven't forgotten about Darkrai. I'm planning to go to Gamestop on Wednesday.
    phoenix wright: ace attorney
    justice for all
    trials and tribulations
    then whatever lol (as long as investigations 1 is before investigations 2, if you ever get around to that)
    yes yes i did
    glad i could help
    (if you want to be excited to anyone though, do it to VM, he's the one who convinced me to arrange it ahahaha)
    839=P07 +8%J75 1JHQHJW
    P8T114J M24Q65 9=F1#+%
    4W◎RY92 R#Y42= 5T259+&
    H2TQRC= 0-X◎-- 77N◎P6F
    Yeah. I can help you. I'm not the best, but I'll try.
    I'll also reserve a spot for you.
    Kissing!!! Wowie. I am sixteen years old and have still never kissed anyone. That's super cool though dude, congratulations. I'm really hoping it works out for a long time.

    I ended up parting from Courtney, because she liked someone else i guess. But then there was this super cool person here that i kinda liked and she incidentally liked me back!! I had a really bad day last week (my friend died) and she showed up at my house and kind of just held me and comforted me for like two hours so we have kind of been an implicit couple since then. (Well... less implicit now. But it was kind of implicit then.) She's really great but also she has really anxiety so that night when she came to help me out, she kind of threw up. It was sad. I felt bad.
    Yo, there's a promo going on on the ASBdb that ends today! (I'm going through and letting everyone who's collected allowance this month but hasn't claimed the promo know.)
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