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  • I want to hug it too. Silly Totodile, why aren't you real D: But what are these lots of Totodile you speak of?
    Well, that's true. I think the jaw is part of its appeal, though. I have an odd taste in Pokemon, so each to their own.
    congrats on hatching from the egg to a Caterpie! now were the same age!
    moment of zen headbutt: a random happy thought or quote that is pokemon-themed.
    here it is; your monent of zen headbutt!
    ''it's about the people and the pokemon... a feeling, a feeling of love!''
    from a song i wrote. feel free to quote, as long as you credit me.
    Hey, Kanaya, I suggest refraining from the cap at the beging of each habit.

    N-Eways, hello new person.
    Thank you :3 Also, it's easier for us to see your reply if you click our usernames and post your reply on our profile so we get a notification.

    And what Hawke is saying is if the image is already online, you don't need to re-upload it. I was just saying if the images are on your computer, not online, you'll need to upload them first. :3
    Noticed, you don't even need to upload them onto a site, you just need the URL.

    Also a quick easy site is ImageShack.us.
    You upload the images onto a site such as photobucket, then copy the image's url, then past it inside image tags. Image tags are put the url here[*/IMG]
    Just remove the * from the tags. :3
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