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What's Your Favorite Pokémon?


I love girly things :)
I kinda like Korrina's mega lucario a lot at the moment after watching the 3rd ep of her arc again today.

I have NO idea why....he just gets so scary.

But I would love if I could just embrace that as part of the pokemon world so i'd be even more capable of being a trainer should pokemon ever be real in some form one day :P

That said, my overall fav might still be......something like pikachu or sylveon. cos hey i grew up a girly girl anyways so i'm kinda loyal to the cute ones as much as mega lucario impresses me.

I duno. But a lot of pokemon are great, really...



New member
I have too much, but Pikachu is definitely my favorite. I also love Marshadow, Mimikyu, Haxorous, Ash-Greninja, Ho - oh, Appletun, drizzle, Brioinne, Bulbasaur, etc.


Oshawott is definitely my favourite, in fact, the entire line are some of my favourites. Other than that, I also really like Cyndaquil, Snivy, Quilava, Heracross, Lunala, Marill, Emolga and Piplup. Not in that order by the way.