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Recent content by Irako of the Desert

  1. Irako of the Desert

    Answer A Question With A Question

    Why aren't we putting Jupiter under siege?
  2. Irako of the Desert

    Pokemon Headcanons

    Share what headcanons you have about Pokemon and the Pokemon universe in general.
  3. Irako of the Desert


    Interesting you'd bring up crime. A person 18 or under(though in some cases, this age ceiling has been pushed to 21) is usually put through the juvenile "justice" system, where the crime isn't really a crime, you talk to a referee instead of a judge, and you're not entitled to a jury of any...
  4. Irako of the Desert

    Hope you have a happy birthday today and that your birthday wishes come true.

    Hope you have a happy birthday today and that your birthday wishes come true.
  5. Irako of the Desert

    So I have a question about importing a rather large roleplay to these roleplay forums from...

    So I have a question about importing a rather large roleplay to these roleplay forums from another forum site. Most, if not all, the other roleplayers currently involved with it would also be moving here. The roleplay is rather image-intensive, violent, and dark. Would it be okay to bring it...
  6. Irako of the Desert

    Nintendo announces Nintendo 2DS

    I just find it interesting that it comes in red or blue. But do I plan to get one? Nah, my DS Lite works just fine.
  7. Irako of the Desert

    Consumption of problematic content in media

    What about when content is problematic, but the consumer doesn't find out about it until after they have it? Like BW2, for example. There's a lot in that game that bothers me that I wasn't aware would be in it when I got it. I would rather consume a product and know when and where it's...
  8. Irako of the Desert

    Pokemon Conquest

    I really enjoyed this game, not because the story itself was interesting, but what headcanons it spawned. It's how the Pokemon League came to be. Waaaaaaay waaaay back before we had tidy little gyms and badge-collecting and whatnot, the regions of the Poke-verse were constantly warring with one...
  9. Irako of the Desert

    Pokemon speculations...

    Perhaps. Again, I think it's similar to Espeon that way. I like these speculations. Especially the bit about Celebi being given as a seed to Dialga by Shaymin. I'm curious as to why the Shaymin would do that, though. More thoughts?
  10. Irako of the Desert

    Pokémon Tarot Cards

    Re: Pokémon Tarot Cards Could I claim the Fool with Mew? This looks really exciting... =D
  11. Irako of the Desert

    Pokemon speculations...

    I was trying to rationalize why Absols are said to always appear before disasters so that I could write a short fanfic about somebody who researched them for some paper (Not whosisname in the one anime episode that was about Absols, though the character was going to use his paper for reference)...
  12. Irako of the Desert

    ATTN: Introductions

    I'm Irako of the Desert, or Irako for short. If you see Irako paired with something else, like IrakoDragoneer, IrakoProxy, IrakonoSabaku, etc., that's most likely me and you can say hi if you like. I'm into Pokemon (no, really!), children's card games, and nerd humor. Science fiction, fantasy...