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Recent content by Valerunner

  1. Valerunner

    Back after many years.

    seems folks are making a return. welcome back!
  2. Valerunner

    Create Stuff & Chill

    trying to get the arty juices back with a doodle of my MMO mains. edit: I miss instant upload things where I just ctrl-v a screenshot.
  3. Valerunner

    hi! I'm alive. Sorta.

    hi! I'm alive. Sorta.
  4. Valerunner

    Hello People of the Internet.

    Hey, welcome!
  5. Valerunner

    New decade, new forums

    So does this mean we're back? I'd honestly love to hang out here again, away from... *gestures at everything*
  6. Valerunner

    Bringing back the forum - the good, the bad, the ugly

    Also forums are insanely effective time capsules, especially well-maintained ones like this.
  7. Valerunner

    Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

  8. Valerunner

    Pokemon Go

    I've had it since Wednesday. Shit's awesome yo.
  9. Valerunner

    Favourite Internet Memes

    Christ almighty I feel old. Though I'm surprised a certain champion-material meme hasn't been mentioned yet. AND HIS NAME IS
  10. Valerunner

    Potential Live-Action Pokémon Movie

    Re: Potential Live-Action Pokémon Movie ...no. just no. Live action adaptations of cartoons *never* work.
  11. Valerunner

    The "Fwee" Thread

    I DO ART NOW WHAT Seriously, I never thought I would ever have any votes on my work but YAAY
  12. Valerunner

    The Spriter's Showcase! Mk II

    Hm, I actually noticed they're the same orange. Then again, I've been spriting for over a decade now, I think.
  13. Valerunner

    The Spriter's Showcase! Mk II

    Sonny, what exactly did you make? Gastronomer, I think you forgot to colour in Chansey's outline. Go for a darker outline, like a deeper, more bronzey type of yellow. The pinks are still there, and the beak looks mismatched, like it's pasted on, rather than naturally coming out. Sglod, pretty...
  14. Valerunner

    Rename the Above Poster!

    Codename Fire Cobra Claw
  15. Valerunner

    Rename the Above Poster!

    awsum snek
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