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Recent content by Light

  1. Light

    If Anyone Wants to Try Chaos Management...

    I've decided to release the full record of proposals from the first Calvinball Mafia. It might or might not be better to forbid repeating past proposals in future attempts. In any case this is how I kept the game balanced. There's no telling if I'd personally be around if someone started a...
  2. Light

    [OPEN] Alola, Sun/Moon Choice Mafia

    I'm stating to get the impression that this might not get off the ground.
  3. Light

    What languages can you speak?

    来学期が終わると、日本語の副専攻をもらう。ポケモンムーンを日本語でしてみようが、よく辞書を使わなきゃならない。 (I'll get my Japanese minor when next semester finishes. I intend to try playing Pokemon Moon in Japanese, but I'll have to use a dictionary a lot.)
  4. Light

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Just finished Final Fantasy X and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. Both were so good. I think I'll play Okami next, over the holidays. Maybe Katamari Damacy as well. Classic games are the greatest.
  5. Light

    [OPEN] Alola, Sun/Moon Choice Mafia

    Hey guys, long time no see. I'll take Mudbray.
  6. Light

    Super Smash Mafia for TCoD - Game Thread

    Since Butterfree is Charizard I'm guessing she meant she didn't have any non-attacking moves. I've got three moves and a final smash and they're all based on my character's moveset from in-game.
  7. Light

    Super Smash Mafia for TCoD

    God dammit. My skimming skills are very much a work in progress. Goodnight.
  8. Light

    Funeral plans

    Possible trigger warning? When I die I want to be cremated, as a symbol. My ashes to be put in a small urn and kept, or scattered somewhere; I haven't decided. I don't like society's ritual of burial. It's the illusion that when we die, our identity remains unbroken. "Going underground" is a...
  9. Light

    Super Smash Mafia for TCoD

    You're seriously going to have him go back into photoshop just so you can be blue Ganondorf?
  10. Light

    Super Smash Mafia for TCoD

    Woohoo, activity on the mafia board. I need to finish that game I'm working on (hopefully by mid-late October). Anyhow. kudasai.
  11. Light

    Mafia Idea Center

    Small update: The "Calvinball Expansion" is in the slow cooker. (It's not fair to call it that anymore, though.) The end product will be finished in probably about a month. I've currently got a solid conceptual groundwork, and am starting to "color by number". It's almost like the game is...
  12. Light

    Mafia Idea Center

    I have an idea for a mafia game that I REALLY WANT TO TRY OUT but I'm so busy now that school just started! (hint: it's an expansion on Calvinball)
  13. Light

    Calvinball Mafia

    Yeah, since school just started I definitely won't have time for that. I put a lot of time into this game, and now I'm finished. Really glad you guys enjoyed it.
  14. Light

    Calvinball Mafia

    Yes I will get to that soon hopefully.
  15. Light

    Calvinball Mafia

    This game is way too massively complicated to recap, so I'm going to do something different. Questions part 1. The Mafia quicktopic is here, and The Office quicktopic is here. If there are more questions, leave them below.