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Recent content by Tailsy

  1. Tailsy

    Fandom Mafia Episode VII: The Fandom Awakens

    mafia games with a death on night zero?? not on MY watch but yeah, my character flavour makes perfect sense for the role i have also so i'm not sure revealing characters at this stage would be a very good idea in case innocent power roles get bumped early. not coo. so idk, wait around to see...
  2. Tailsy

    Fandom Mafia Episode VII: The Fandom Awakens (Sign-ups Closed)

    Re: Fandom Mafia Episode VII: The Fandom Awakens lmao i am so bad at mafia and i havent played in ages BUT HEY. if you need a fandom you can take one from the 'media' section of my tumblr tag list because i'm lazy you are not allowed to pick glee; i've disowned that part of my life
  3. Tailsy

    UK General Elections 2015

    go away i don't want any of you except jolty!!! also, #sexysocialism wins in the north yet again. except fucking dumfries. god dumfries, get it together you bunch of old bastards. i was expecting O&S to return lib dem but i genuinely didn't expect it to be 56/59 SNP. nice. nice (my constituency...
  4. Tailsy

    TCoD's new direction

    you're all gross. put those nude erections away!
  5. Tailsy

    Collectible Games

    i'd remember the e-reader cards if they'd ever!!! released the e-reader or any of that shit in europe!! /still bitter abt it but i only have my hardcase (i.e. DS and up) boxes - i never kept any of the cardboard ones, partly because i would have wrecked them anyway & younger me did not care for...
  6. Tailsy

    Pokémon pronouncications you got wrong

    Re: Pokémon pronouncications you got wrong as a scottish person my speech is actually limited entirely to angry honking noises, so i always get pokemon pronunciations 100% right. it's hard, being so perfect all the time :~( tho i have absolutely no idea how to say yveltal and i've never cared...
  7. Tailsy

    ASB password scare and related bans

    i just realised that i've had the asb board masked for so long (i mean also i don't even go here any more rly w/e) that i had no idea it had started again. or even stopped in the first place. best most active and relevant mod ever goes 2 me. party hats
  8. Tailsy

    Who is "flygon"?

    why?? why does nobody care about this forum irrelevant incident that happened on butterfree's blog????? won't someone think of the children. won't they. :'( question answered and tbh i don't think this really warranted a thread anyway so i'm closing it! we can all rest easy now knowing this...
  9. Tailsy

    Vanilla Mafia [GM WIN]

    Re: Vanilla Mafia OK, we really need to lynch a mafia today or we won't be doing terribly well! I don't really have any info, though. It's also entirely plausible that the inspector is dead so :/ I wouldn't count on it. Hmm.
  10. Tailsy

    Realistic Pokémafia II [Game]

    Re: Realistic Pokémafia II [Game] lmao, what the hell. how did we even manage this ;__;
  11. Tailsy

    TCoD Member Headcanons

    all part of my master plan. don't stick your feet out from under the bedcovers at night, kids
  12. Tailsy

    Gen VI Pokéchoice Mafia - Game Thread

    Re: Gen VI Pokéchoice Mafia - Game Thread As soon as I discovered my conversion had failed I was like "oh. well. probably should have thought of that lmao" Next time. But hahahaha poor Superbird. We blamed him for everything ;__;
  13. Tailsy

    Gen VI Pokéchoice Mafia - Game Thread

    Re: Gen VI Pokéchoice Mafia - Game Thread I CAN'T BELIEVE NEGREK WAS BULLETPROOF I WAS GONNA WIN GOD. Hahahaa, that was suuuch a fun game! I honestly thought we were screwed but VM getting modkilled was perfect, until I made a terrible, terrible decision. You guys were awesome, you totally...
  14. Tailsy

    Realistic Pokémafia II [Game]

    Re: Realistic Pokémafia II [Game] Yeah, terrorist always flips innocent in games I've played, and I'd have definitely exploded as soon as people bandwagoned! But hey. I wonder if it's all of us who lose HP, or just the last person to vote? Or the first person? Does the Substitute Doll take the...
  15. Tailsy

    Realistic Pokémafia II [Game]

    Re: Realistic Pokémafia II [Game] Oh, well then! Phantom. We're going pretty fast here 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)