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Hi! I'm Valyce, freelance illustrator and comic colourist specializing in character design and worldbuilding since 2006.

I was born in Italy and graduated in both foreign languages and tattoo design. When it comes to art, my main inspirations come from the decades 1980s and 1990s, several obsolete technologies, and the synth/vaporwave scene. I've been drawing and creating characters since ever, Pokémon being one of my strongest influences during childhood, and although I'm not the obsessed kid I was back in the day anymore, I'm still a fan of the first/second gen and everything that orbited around that period.

Other than art and Pokèmon, my main interests include old web design and creation (my personal domain was built specifically to look like a mid 2000s page!), Game Boy games and accessories, several other videogames (both old and new), detective stories, urban architecture and city trekking/sightseeing.

I'm currently living with my husband (a comic artist and fellow huge nerd :P ) and a "modest" collection of about 150 Game Boy game cartridges. Thankfully they don't take too much room and are easy to store away in discreet boxes. XD
My favourite Pokémon is Dragonite!
Apr 29, 1991 (Age: 33)
Freelance illustrator and comic colourist
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