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Recent content by Worst Username Ever

  1. Worst Username Ever

    Cutest video game you played?

    Oh man I just imagined the other Links in the other games doing that and I'm laughing so hard x3 As for me... I play a lot of cute games :D But I'd have to say Animal Crossing is pretty high up :D Also YOSH'S WOOLLY WORLD YES :D
  2. Worst Username Ever

    Consolers - a comic about game companies (Webcomic)

    A bunch of new comics since last time: -Last pages of Contract is up - A very secret company - Nintendo investors - EA's claims - Kojima's "vacation" and Konami's reaction (voiceacted video in comments) enjoy!
  3. Worst Username Ever

    Consolers - a comic about game companies (Webcomic)

    So since last time I finished the Contract story, and made a comment on Sony's lack of success with Vita
  4. Worst Username Ever

    Johari Windows!

    Alright, let's try this: Johari and Nohari
  5. Worst Username Ever

    Video Game "To-Do" List

    Alright, so: Games I own, started playing (for an hour+) and need to finish: - Okami - Legend of the Mystical Ninja - Wind Waker - Skyward Sword - Mischief Makers - Hotel Dusk: Room 215 - Bayonetta 2 - Okamiden - Vib-Ribbon - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse* - pop n' music portable * - Umjammer...
  6. Worst Username Ever

    Consolers - a comic about game companies (Webcomic)

    Whoa man I haven't updated this thread in forever Did a lot of stuff since last time including Rare's backstory and started a remake of The Contract with Nintendo and Sony
  7. Worst Username Ever


    I found a glitch while playing New Super Mario Bros Wii (or was it U?) - I was in one of the boss castle levels, went through the stage and got hit by something while small. I expected to die, of course, but somehow I didn't die and just heard the "power down" sound, while still being small like...
  8. Worst Username Ever

    Things that annoy you, that really shouldn't

    OH MAN I HATE THAT i used to live in a student apartment where I shared the kitchen with 7 others and I was sick of that happening One time I had to go to the shop to buy some missing ingredients mid-cooking and when I got back one of the guys there had ALSO started cooking and I had to just...
  9. Worst Username Ever

    Absurdly lucky/unlucky moments

    The time I was in a Gym Leader fight, on my last Pokémon, completely out of PP with no refill items, and managed to cherry-tap the opponent's Bastiodon to death using Struggle
  10. Worst Username Ever

    R.I.P. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

    I still can't completely get over this... I've been a huge Nintendo fan for years and Iwata has been a huge inspiration for me. Let's not forget that he cut his own salary in half just so he wouldn't have to fire anyone some years back... He truly was a great president and CEO. You will be...
  11. Worst Username Ever

    Things that annoy you, that really shouldn't

    Agree so much! And I've seen too much of people complaining about Nintendo for something about Pokémon games when they're not actually the developers. Along with this, I think the developers also deserve to have their logo on the front of the cover along with the publisher, boxart clutter be...
  12. Worst Username Ever

    U.S. Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage in All 50 States

    A bit late to post here, but that's great to hear :D Really happy for the US. Well if that isn't the most immature way to handle it I've heard of "If the gays can get married, then NO ONE can get married!"
  13. Worst Username Ever

    Misreadings and stuff

    Just read "artists lounge" as "adults lounge"
  14. Worst Username Ever


    I can't speak for any other places but most shops here still have a bunch of Charizards and Warios left, at least.
  15. Worst Username Ever


    Haha, indeed, and that's pretty much the reason they left it out. I kinda wanted voicechat with friends, but that might be hard to do since you're always on 4-against-4-teams and unless you have 7 other friends to play with at the same time, you'll get paired up with strangers anyway. Plus, as...