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Emmy's Sprite Museum


The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
Marvel at my sprites. (I used butterfree's spriting guide i recommend it.)
Nickit Recolor Blue Ugly.png
This is a recolor of nickit. I don't like it but hey i did it. I just was trying to learn how to recolor something.
(Original sprite by leParagon)

This is not my sprite. This is the Pokemon gold/silver jumpluff sprite.
This is my sprite. I revamped the G/S one.

I am legitimately proud of this one. It's so cute! it's a mareep with butterfree wings!
This is a sprite of milcery. It came out way worse than expected and what is with that white background!??!?!
And this is Lolquid. Not my Pokémon but I did it for Kung-fu-ferret.
This is a back sprite for a fake pokemon i've been working on. No Front sprite yet.

Yay i started on the front sprite. I HATE IT! IT IS DISGUSTING.. i cannot see how i ruined it when the back sprite was so perfect.

Here's a sprite i made for Jirachu. It's a combination of Pikachu + Clefable so i like to call it Piklefable.

I'll post more soon. Bye!
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