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New member
Hi, I'm new, and um, I guess here's a little about me?
I'm very shy. I ramble. I'm fourteen (fifteen in two months).
Obviously I like Pokemon, but I also like Homestuck and My Little Pony.
I actually really like it when people talk to me so don't be intimidated. I don't bite.
You can call me Roxy, it's shorter than SongofHeart.
(and yes SongofHeart is homestuck related cuz I'm a huge multi-fandom nerd u.u Song is the basic female version of Bard, if anyone knows what I'm talking about.)
So yes, hello! :D
Hello. Welcome to Dragonfly Cave. You like MLP? So do many people here I'm sure you'll fit in. Please enjoy your stay.
Hello, Roxy! Have some tea and cod. Also, have a Glaceon; it's become protocol ever since that incident with the Garchomps a few weeks ago...

Welcome to the Cave; I hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome~ I used to offer scones, but after a certain user started telling people they were poisonous (which is only true for the French ), I now give out pies.
Sopor slime ones.
Fresh from Gam's oven.
I daresay they were poisonous. And the fact that your pies resemble nuclear sludge is not an improvement.
The pies aren't poisonous. The filling is a sedative. Perfectly safe. for trolls at least

maybe I shouldn't be offering these to humans
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