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Hi everyone!
I go by (rainfall) or variations thereof. I like the basic sciences and some social sciences, certain subsets of music (classical, R&B, pop, edm), and I claim to like learning about general ideas and about how things work on a high level (though my knowledge is superficial and likely sprinkled with errors). I’m in my latter twenties, live in the US, and nominally inhabit the STEM space. I don't play the piano anymore, but I still hit some major scales. It's rare now, but I like to move my body crazily to energetic music.

Out of the variety of fictional spaces, Pokemon is certainly one I find myself swimming in a lot. I have a penchant for useless trivia from the core games, and some of my favorite aspects about the games are the habitats of pokemon, the weather and seasons, and the maps and landscapes.

The Cave of Dragonflies seems like a wholesome space and community! I’m not a creative or a (fic or other) writer, and I actually don’t read enough, either, but I do enjoy certain world spaces. I don’t anticipate being very active; on the other hand, I can’t seem to stop talking at times : p.
Good to meet you all! : )


Hi Rainfall! Neat name. How did you choose it?
Welcome to the forums! They are indeed a wholesome space and community, at least in my humble opinion 😄 so hope you enjoy it here


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Oh my gosh, thank you for the warm welcome, Zori, Ysabel, IndigoEmmy, TrainerWalker, mewtini! \^^/ 😄

I will enjoy this tea, thank you very much! ^^

I do think there's a lot of good stuff here in this warm place! 😄

Oh, thank you for the question! excuse me for going into it too much!
[run-on sentence time~] I think the gist of it is that I like abstract things, I think we all cherish the environment, and I like different types of climate and weather, including rainy days! Weather is a physical state and process, rather than an abstract idea (such as, say, "development"), and I decided I would take it on anyway!
I am also on discord a lot these days, and I do happen change my tag often, mostly for slightly more abstract ideas! (while keeping an anchor (rainfall), (rain), or (fall), so far)

As for "Hello and other vague and generic introductions!", I got a kick out of that! XD