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I've been a fan of pokemon for a long time, and i was kind of looking for a place away from where I usually stick around. I've been viewing the sight without an account for a little, so I skipped my hesitation and made an account!

Hello, my name is Val (short for Valerie or Valentine)

My favorite pokemon are Raboot, Zubat, Scraggy, Granbull, and Grumpig to name a few. I've been playing pokemon competitively since XY but honestly I'm v close to taking a break ;w;.

As far as other hobbies go, I write, act, and have been looking to playing more games as of late. That's all from me (for now, I guess)

There seem be quite a few people named Val joining recently :o
Mhm, I used to go by Nathaniel, and still do in some places, but I picked Val somewhere along the way and It's been a breath of fresh air.
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