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<Joseph: Night SHADE>

Licensed practitioner of Darke Magyk
Um... i'm Joe, so... hi... i try and be gramatically correct.

oh, i also use a lot of smilies. =P

um... what's that 'egg' thing by my name?
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That is your user rank.

The more you post, the more cooked it becomes. And lo and behold, out comes a Caterpie and out of the frying pan. You post more and it hardens (>.>), thus becoming a Metapod, before finally becoming overcooked...thus somehow turning into a Butterfree.

So welcome to here. :D


Additional Memory
Thank you very much.

I wanna be a caterpie....
Post 100 times frst and
don'tpostlikethis! post like this postnglikethis makes it hard to read what your posting.
Welcome Joe, if you wish to be grammerically correct please capitalize your I please~

Well, enjoy your stay. I belive it's 50 posts for a caterpie, I dunno since I'm close to a metapod. Well, have fun~


Because only the random will survive...
Hello Joseph! Welcome to TCoD, I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun here. I was once a newbie, but now I is a full fledged member (or so I hope)! If you need anything just ask and don't be afraid to jump into forum conversations as long as you have something productive to put in. Nice to meet you, hope you feel the same way! ^.^

*gives you a welcome hug*