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If the above user's avatar walked through your front door, how would you react?


The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
I'll start.
There's no user above me, so i'll just, do the little butterfree that is always watching over TCoD.

If a butterfree flew through my door, i might be a little scared. Butterfrees are sort of... large and their eyes kind of freak me out.

and then, the next poster would say how they would react if klara walked through their door


Active member
i would want to show off my Naganadel that I trained to battle, & see if it's meets her approval. I would also show her my
Poipole that i just caught
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The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
If bede walked through my door...
i'd probably be surprised. Then i'd make his day by asking for his autograph and inviting him over for tea


回り続ける 歯車には成り下がらない
she, they
If Klara walked through my door, I’d ask where she gets all her energy from. I guess I’d also tell her how it’s great she’s a fan of Poison types, since they deserve more love.

(My avatar right now is Rei Ayanami).


formerly kokorico
I would invite Bede in for a cup of tea and a chat! He seems like a nice boy. Post-game, at least.

(My avatar is a Bloomriol from the Nexomon games)