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Is there a thematic reason for bridges to be so prominent in Unova?


Says "also" and "or something" a lot
Black and White's main theme is the clash between ideals and truth, and you end up coming to a reconciliation with N. It could be said that there ends up being a bridge between the conflicting worldviews.

Bridges connect things, and one place a bridge is featured is when you enter Entralink. A place that connects you to other people playing the game.

If I'm pushing it even more, you could even argue that N acts as a bridge between humans and Pokémon.

On the other hand, I postied this question on discord and got the response "nah they just wanted locations where they could show off the 3D environment with a sweeping camera lmao"
If I'm not mistaken, Unova is partially based on New York and that state is famous for its nice bridges :D I really like the idea of it being thematic to the story, though!
If we say that The (south) Wild Area, Postwicke, and Wedgehurst are scotland that's like... at least 5 bridges, right? Granted, most of those bridges are tiny stone step-bridges but still
I definitely think it's the way it is to take advantage of the technology and reflect the environment, but I think it also works to make Unova seem like a place where differences are bridged!
It's because Unova is based off of New York, Long Island, and parts of New Jersey, and bridges are commonplace around where I live (New York). So, that's why there's a lot of bridges in Unova, I'm willing to bet.
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