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Make a story but you only get one word before someone else goes.



for anyone curious what we've got so far (god knows why):

Hello My Fellow Forumgoer People And Dogs?!? Wait... nevermind Okay Let's play a Game! It's woweesprite! Just stay home and avoid the world itself. If heaven is real And Magcargo has legs, most of its shareholdings dropped dramatically. :wowee: Slingshot Children So money doesn't eat potatoes because as President, one Nugget dinosaur isworth onehundreddollarinoes. What fun! Fish! Attack! Attack! The fish friends KILL, maim, and snack on organs of dead virgins' pets get money. This Atheist didn't care about this fish, so PANIC!!!!!!!!! You foolish cultist, zipping the coat that pukes golden babies, you were unimaginably
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