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Mist1422 vs Panini

Thunder Wave ~ Thunder/Charge ~ Thunder/Light Screen

So if the first Thunder would fail for any reason (ex. Protect), use Charge
instead. Then if you used charge, use Thunder unless it would fail (same conditional as above). If it would fail OR you used Thunder last turn, use Light Screen
Good job, that was a good round for us. If you can act before him and see the Thunder wave coming use Safeguard to try and prevent the paralysis, otherwise if you're already been hit and paralyzed, try to use Facade. We're probably going to get hit by Thunder one way or another so hope that it misses in the sunlight and try again to use Psych Up followed by another Solar Beam while the sun's still out, unless his Light Screen has already taken effect, in which case close out with Foul Play instead.

Safeguard/Facade~Psych Up ~ Solar Beam/Foul Play
I'm really sorry guys! I've been pretty busy the past couple of weeks and haven't had a chance to sit down and write something for this. Hopefully I will be able to get to it this weekend.
Round Three

Chemist1422 (3/3 left)
Amp ♂ @ Bright Powder
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 57%
Energy: 80%
Status: Losing confidence fast. Burned (mild, 2% damage/round, 0.75x base power for physical attacks). +1 Special Attack.

Panini (3/3 left)
Ability: Blaze
Health: 80%
Energy: 77%
Status: WHO'S FEARSOME NOW BITCH??? Intimidated (-1 Attack). -2 Speed.


Panting, Amp pushes himself back up to his feet, fur sticking up haphazardly on one side where he was struck by the Solar Beam. He tenses, digging his front paws into the grass, and looses a couple quick pulses of electricity from his ears in Ceridwen's direction. The Fennekin yelps in surprise as her muscles unexpectedly stiffen, nearly forcing her hindquarters down onto the ground. She gingerly tests out her front legs, gritting her teeth, and wills her muscles to respond as she pushes off hard against the dirt. Thankfully they do and Ceridwen propels herself straight forward at her unwitting opponent, bowling him over and batting him ferociously with all four paws, as Amp struggles to shield his face from the blows. The Shinx gives a particularly loud howl of pain and a bolt of lightning briefly lights up the arena, illuminating their surroundings in blinding white light until a massive discharge of electricity comes crackling down from the sky... leaving a smoking crater in the grass some six feet away from the tussling pair. Whoops...?

Ceridwen rolls away from her opponent, satisfied that she's roughed him up for now. She sits back on her haunches and surveys Amp with mild disinterest, a bit miffed that her trainer wants her to get into this guy's head... With a dismissive flick of her tail, the Fennekin closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, extending her will outward to form a mental link with her opponent. The last of her wariness of her opponent leaves her, replaced instead with a sense of restlessness as her fur stands up slightly, an invisible electric current running through it. When Ceridwen opens her eyes again she finds her foe now shielded by a wall of brilliant golden light, having taken this chance to recollect himself and shore up his defenses. Well, no matter. Ceridwen wasn't planning on using any energy-based attacks anyway. Raw power should do the trick. The Fennekin snarls and prepares to spring—but at that moment her muscles spasm painfully and she falls heavily onto her side, unable to get them back under control.

As the two Pokémon glare at each other without moving, the miniature sun, which has been steadily shrinking in size for the past minute or so, finally winks out entirely, and a sense of quiet dread settles once again over the stadium...


Chemist1422 (3/3 left)
Amp ♂ @ Bright Powder
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 42%
Energy: 66%
Status: Frustrated that none of his attacks seem to be connecting. Burned (mild, 2% damage/round, 0.75x base power for physical attacks). Has a Light Screen (1% energy/action, 4 more actions). +1 Special Attack.
Used: Thunder Wave ~ Thunder (missed) ~ Light Screen

Panini (3/3 left)
Ability: Blaze
Health: 80%
Energy: 65%
Status: Struggling to get her muscles back under control. Severely paralyzed (21% failure chance). +1 Special Attack.
Used: Facade ~ Psych Up ~ [paralyzed]

Arena Status
  • The sunlight has faded.

Damage and Energy
  • Amp's Health: 57% - 13% (Facade) - 2% (burn) = 42%
  • Amp's Energy: 80% - 4% (Thunder Wave) - 8% (Thunder) - 2% (Light Screen) = 66%
  • Ceridwen's Health: 80%
  • Ceridwen's Energy: 77% = 8% (Facade) - 4% (Psych Up) = 65%

  • Speed order: Amp (45) > Ceridwen (15).
  • blugh
  • Thunder missed (it would have missed even if it hadn't been sunny, actually). Chemist's conditionals were kind of ambiguous as to whether or not Amp should use Thunder again if it missed. I took them to mean that he shouldn't.
  • The effects of Scary Face and Intimidate ended early due to Psych Up.
  • Panini commands first.
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Actually we're kind of limited by Light Screen so I think we're just going to go ham on the physical moves this round and hope that paralysis fails more often than it succeeds. Spam Facade unless you lose paralysis status at any point, in which case switch to trying to land Foul Play:

Facade/Foul Play ~ Facade/Foul Play ~ Facade/Foul Play

(Sorry again to keep you guys waiting!)
hi can I request not having to do this until Sunday because I am b u s y
Yes, you have a full week from when Panini posted commands, so that's not even past the deadline. Not that I'm actually going to DQ anyone anyway when ASB is mostly dead and I know you both exist on the internet.
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