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Rate the Pokémon above you on a scale from one to ten

Regular Vulpix I'd give like a 7/10 just because Ive never really vibed with its curls, but alolan Vulpix I'd give an 8.5 because it isnt doing anything crazy design wise but its one of the cutest Pokémon ever

Umbreon(without floor tentacles)
I- might be out of the loop. Umbreon has tentacles??

I give Torterra 7/10. I like the design, but I think its preevolutions are a bit too bland.
Has Articuno been reted yet?
In the series Pokémon Talk, Umbreon’s catchphrase is “The floor tentacles are drowning me!”
9/10. Classic bird
@JHG Why do you hate on Peter Griffin squirrel so much?
I just don’t like it much.
I got nothing so…Flareon
It grew on me. I wasn't a fan when it first come out but now I find it goofy enough to be cute

(I also agree on Swampert being 9/10. Good boi)

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8/10 Cool and unique design, portrays it’s 2 types nicely in it’s design despite it being well, a seahorse
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