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Sojaveña Wilds Stormbringer Shrine

Everything about the others' worlds was sounding more and more insane by the minute. There were Legendaries who had, what... created existence? And people were talking about them like you could just go and meet them, what. Was it just stories, or had it actually happened? Was there any way to tell?

"We have to try and contact the Escarpa's soon... I think they're our best lead. Usually catastrophes end up involving legendaries somehow, so that could be the best way to find out why we were summoned."
"If we want to get information from them," Mhynt said, "we'll likely need to build up strength ourselves, won't we? Hmm." She nodded. "It's something to consider for later unless we find someone from that clan interested in humoring us as we are."

Jade hummed, tail flicking back and forth. "Well, a lot of us have been doing missions and stuff, so... maybe if we manage to get in with the rangers, we'll be able to get stronger that way? And then, I guess we can see if that's enough." It was already starting to feel like a more realistic goal, getting stronger. Being in a Pokemon's body, using its power... it had almost felt natural during the manor fight. After a couple more weeks, who knows...

She glanced outside--another hour or two until dusk. Probably would be a bad idea to trek back to Frontier Town until it cooled off. But that was okay; the group wasn't in a huge hurry. And there was time to spare for a bit more quiet reflection.

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