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  1. IMPORTANT: Roleplaying Forum Guidelines
  2. Open The Darkest Hour (halfway through plot)
  3. Closed PokéCircus
  4. Closed Thieves of Moonlight [Sign-ups closed]
  5. Open Digimon: The Call of The Spirits, Revenge of the Demons
  6. Open Doctor Who - The War of the End
  7. - Restoration -
  8. Closed End of an Era
  9. Fight for the stars[Might be blood}
  10. Open The Upstarts
  11. Closed Pokčmon Mystery Dungeon: The world in Shadow
  12. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Team Legend
  13. Dragon World: Souls of Destiny
  14. Translegends (Retuuuurns~!)
  15. Open Full Metal Alchemist: Aztec Gold [LIT] [GM'ed]
  16. Closed Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The World's Destruction
  17. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Denizens of Death
  18. Poképhiles
  19. Closed Pokemon: A Shadowy Past
  20. After the End (ended, due to inactivity)
  21. Closed X: The step into other worlds
  22. Open The Team wars
  23. Under Pressure (a Pokemon RP) (Still accepting, don't be shy!)
  24. The Chimera Project
  25. Closed The Hiding
  26. Open Jyujin Sentai Animalger (STILL NEED ONE MORE MEMBER TO BE RED!)
  27. Open Welcome to Toontown
  28. Open Power Rangers: Ancient Wrath
  29. Open Sky, Sea, Earth and Underground
  30. {We will...} ~How to Fight Evil: A Tokyo Mew Mew/Pokemon RP~ {...defeat you!}
  31. Open Legends' Harmony
  32. [DEAD] Pokémon: A Tale of Time
  33. Pokemon Island
  34. Open Size REALLY does matter
  35. Open Mysterious Treasures (Accepting Late Sign-ups)
  36. Open Be The Digimon!
  37. Closed Task Force: Code Ryuusen
  38. Open Pokemon D/P: The region from hell
  39. Open S.P. Vs. P.S. (a pokemon RPG)
  40. Closed Apocalypse: The Virus (A Pokemon RPG)
  41. Open The Much Talked-about Zelda RPG
  42. Closed Battle Royale
  43. Open Pokeshop
  44. Closed Team Star**DONE**
  45. Closed Sinnoh Folk Story 2
  46. Open Pokemon and Digimon Collide!
  47. Open Random month!
  48. Closed System Corruption.
  49. Open Metal Wing: Liquid (1 spot left!)
  50. Pokemon Haven
  51. Apocalypse: A new era (A Pokemon RPG)
  52. Open The Olympiad
  53. Open The Underdogs: Together we survive!
  54. Open Blossom and Rain - an Animal Crossing RPG
  55. Open The Struggle for Power
  56. Open An Influx of Evil
  57. Open Warriors, Pokemon style!
  58. Open Der Weltkrieg, The Kanto-Johto War
  59. Open Pokčmon: The Three Packs
  60. Closed Grand Festival
  61. Open Crowning Glory
  62. Open Crossing the Line: An FMA/Death Note RP.
  63. Closed - The Arceus Gene -
  64. [No more positions]Team Rocket, Experiments Rebel
  65. Open Project Protect
  66. Closed .:Transformed:.
  67. Closed Giovanni's Invention
  68. Open TEA-The Elemental Alliance
  69. Open Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Space-Time
  70. Closed Pokemon Rock Bands
  71. Closed Dragon Cave: The Wings of Freedom
  72. Open [Sacred Waters]
  73. Open The Government
  74. Open Phoenix Wright Dressing Room
  75. Open D.M. (A Pokemon RP)
  76. Open Erasing memories
  77. Closed Prisoner! The mutations (pg-13)
  78. Open Legendary Pocket-SuperSentai (Season One) (Power Rangers-Type Pokemon RP)
  79. Open Kira's Return[A Death Note RPG]
  80. Open A new beginning:A Death Note RP*spoilers up to the end of ep 37*
  81. [DYING] Sin
  82. Closed Cartoon World
  83. Open Eclipse: The Beginning
  84. Closed Griefshire
  85. Open Unknown Island
  86. Open Aura Dimension: Race for the Azure Flute
  87. Open Unending Days
  88. Open Battle for the Great Plains
  89. Open Revolt
  90. Closed Virtual
  91. Hatred for Humans
  92. The Golden Horn
  93. Open Chasers of Emotion
  94. Open The Three Treasures
  95. Open Legend of the Eeveelutions
  96. Open Warriors: The New Generation
  97. Open Metrodi Prime: Purge
  98. Open +-Hell's Expedition-+
  99. Open Splices' Peril
  100. Open Final Fantasy [!!!] (Tactics Advance)
  101. Open Conquest of the Unwanted
  102. Open The Isle of Pokemon
  103. Open Viral (A hunting RP)
  104. Open Arkra Guardians
  105. Open - Hellboy: Heart of Gold -
  106. Open The Eon War
  107. Closed Pokemon Channel: The RPG
  108. Pokemon Pirates
  109. Open PokéNinjas (plot added! :D)
  110. Eternity, Infinity and Forever
  111. Open Yu-Gi-Oh!
  112. Open Mad Factory
  113. Open The Sleeping World
  114. Closed Little Daycare of Horrors
  115. DBZ: Pokemon style!
  116. Open [CAN GET VIOLENT] Pokémon Warriors
  117. Closed Downsized
  118. Closed The Labyrinth
  119. Open to the Other World
  120. Open Team Star 2: The Hidden Secret
  121. Closed Warriors: Red Eclipse
  122. Open Mt. Vesever: A Dangerous Path - Will you save the Crate?
  123. The Avengers: Giovanni's Downfall (SU)
  124. [Invite only] Pokémon: Kanto Adventures
  125. Open Tokyo Mew Mew Pokemon Style! (based on the areas in the books)
  126. Closed Poisoned: The Crisis
  127. [DEAD] The Battle against Torn World
  128. Open Fire Emblem: The Gaping Void
  129. Closed Evil Ways
  130. Open Pokémon Swim adventures
  131. Open Dreams of the Past
  132. [INVITE ONLY] Immortality
  133. Open The Search for Peace
  134. Closed Seekers of the Dew Drop, a Pokémon RP
  135. Open The Great Treasure Hunt (Three slots left!)
  136. Closed Satan's Dragons
  137. Open Kingdom Hearts
  138. Open World in Chaos: A Sonic RP
  139. home of the Shiny
  140. Open Digimon Adventure III: Reapermon's Revenge
  141. Closed Blood and Iron
  142. Open Bakugan Tournament!
  143. Zari Island RP
  144. Open Dragon Cave - Grand Tourney
  145. Open Super Mario 64: TCoD!
  146. Open Dragon cave-Legend of the Universe Dragon
  147. Closed Look Good, Boogie Down, Strut Your Stuff: A Super Contest RP!
  148. [DYING] Virus and Vaccine: A Digimon RP
  149. Open The Splicing Project
  150. Open Presidency Gone Wrong
  151. Open Arubi vs. Towtel
  152. Open Legend of the Stone Tablet
  153. Closed [FINISHED] The Pokemon of the Lake
  154. Open The Fight to Survive
  155. Open Pandemic
  156. Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  157. Open Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Team Legend
  158. Open Dragons Alive, battle between the races- NOT ACCEPTING DRAGONS!!
  159. Open Survive the Darkness or Die [13+ Swearing, blood, violence]
  160. Open Pokemon Mystery Dunegon: Secret of the Seven Treasures
  161. Open Operation Aspirin
  162. Open Rocketman Research: The Three Factions.
  163. Open War of Beaks, Talons, and Fangs
  164. Open The Chimera Project II
  165. Bad Blood
  166. Open Pokemon TCG: BioLeague
  167. Open Pokemon TCG: Twelve Virtues
  168. Closed The Pokemon of the Volcano
  169. Open [Finished, yet I'm too lazy to close.] PotPie
  170. Open Pokemon Racing
  171. Open The Great Flood (AKA another Zelda RPG.)
  172. Open The Elemental Mountains~The Roleplay
  173. Open The Sound's Specimens
  174. Open The Crystalmoon Wolf Pack
  175. Open I'm So Sick! (needs a better title)
  176. what is roleplaying
  177. Open Land, Sea, and Sky
  178. Open We Are Legend
  179. Open {Now Started} ShadowBlood
  180. Open Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Search for the Sky Legend
  181. Open Mid Evolutionz!~
  182. Open The Torn Village [Now Started]
  184. Open Grand Tourney II
  185. Closed The Pokemon of the Forest
  186. Open [PG13/T=Blood, Violence, Minor cursing]The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow League
  187. Open Race Against Time
  188. Open Destroy 1 Place- Can't Destroy the Other
  189. Open Spirits return...
  190. Pokemon of the Conga Line (PotV Parody)
  191. Closed Heaven and Hell
  192. Open Path to Diasaster
  193. Open Heroes: Pokemon
  194. Open [Scrubs] My First RP {NOW STARTED}
  195. Open Sinnoh Folk Story 2 (Take two)
  196. Open Pocket Hearts III (PG) (Pokemon/Kh3 [ past theories of it anyway] RP)
  197. Closed Magical Fighter Pokesquadron
  198. Open Silvered Rainbows
  199. Open Ultimate Trainer Takes Over!
  200. Closed Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Concrete Jungle
  201. Open The Ghost Fox
  202. Closed Pandemic II
  203. Cereal slaughterhouse.
  204. Open Pokemon Crossing
  205. Naruto: Alternate story
  206. Open Garden [Pokémon]
  207. Open All's Fair Love And War: A Wolf rp
  208. The Great Pokémon War
  209. The Great Pokémon War: After the End.
  210. Open Curse of the Animal~
  211. Open [Blockade Only] Legends of Arylettopia: Quest for the Golden Shards
  213. Open The Underlegend
  214. March of Kazros - Legends of Nisdharil, Chapter I
  215. Open Pokegate PT-1
  216. Open DBZ-The Endless Battle
  217. Open Chasers of Emotion (the second)
  218. Open Dry Bowser's Reign
  219. Open Ivalice's Guardian's: An FFTA2 Roleplay
  220. Open Warriors: Dark and Light
  221. Open Dead Men Shambling.
  222. Open Angels vs. Demons- Fight Of The Opposites~
  223. Open DEATH NOTE: The Waring Notes
  224. Open [SPOILERS FOR A DANGEROUS PATH AND ON]Tigerstar's Plot
  225. Open Fallout: Vault 113 (3 initial spots remaining)
  226. Closed Crossing the Void
  227. Closed The Smash Dojo - A Brawl RP
  228. Open Worldwide Danger
  229. Open Back In Action, Freedom Fighters!
  230. Open Pokémasters-Chapter 1
  231. Open Pokemon: A Shadowy Past
  232. Open Desire for Legends' Harmony
  233. Closed {Now Started} Electronic Malfunction
  234. Open Latios and Latias guardians of the Soul Dew vs the Shadow Organization
  235. Open What is our destiny? ~ The Exiled
  236. Open The Good, The Evil, and The Greedy
  237. Open The Shapeshifters-Half-human, Half-choice~
  238. Open Light of Winter (Halo RP)
  239. Open PokéNinjas the Second
  240. Open Stolen Humanity
  241. Open Pokemon: Crystalline Shards
  242. Open The Kirin's Treasure
  243. Open Legend of the Stone Tablet (LST)
  244. Open Mermaid Melody-Mermaid Princess Disaster! ((Please join!))
  245. Open Poképolis
  246. Open Save the Underlings
  247. Open Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Heathen Temple
  248. Open The Darkest Hour, again, but updated
  249. Open The Fourth Wall
  250. Open Beyond The Stars