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Recent content by AncientMuffin

  1. AncientMuffin

    Stardew Valley

    I think at this point I'm spoiled by mods... Not too sure if I can go back to the vanilla game at this point. If I do, I'll end up having 50 tabs of stardewvalleywiki.com open. You can definitely use mods on the Mac version! For PC, it was as simple as downloading a program called SMAPI then...
  2. AncientMuffin

    Stardew Valley

    Are you serious you can sit on chairs now... I think this is the best news I've gotten all day. I'm planning on starting a new save with my girlfriend so we can experience everything all over again. It's been a while since we've played. Moving the bed is also amazing news. Man, I need to try it...
  3. AncientMuffin

    Stardew Valley

    Does anyone here play Stardew Valley? The 1.5 update was just released a few days ago, and I cannot wait to play it. I have a huge backlog of games that I need to play, but, once the update came out, Stardew Valley immediately jumped to the top of my list. Just waiting for my girlfriend to have...
  4. AncientMuffin

    Name things you can do in video games!

    Pet the dog. (Hades)
  5. AncientMuffin

    What are you favorite unappreciated Pokémon?

    I LOVE the Pokemon Ranger games. You're definitely right in that I ended up having to use so many Pokemon that I wouldn't have otherwise used. I've learned to appreciate a lot of different Pokemon because of the first one and Shadows of Almia. I should really play the other games as well.
  6. AncientMuffin

    What are you favorite unappreciated Pokémon?

    Ledian for sure. Why did they give you 35 base attack my poor ladybug? :(
  7. AncientMuffin

    I grew up with this site.

    As you said, I looooove the vibes of these fansites. They have so much charm to them and display so much love and passion from the creators. What I specifically like is that it really feels like a community here from what I've observed so far. And it's nice to know that I can step away for a few...
  8. AncientMuffin

    What an interesting corner of the internet

    Thank you both! :) I'm sure I'll enjoy my time here.
  9. AncientMuffin

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    I get so overwhelmed trying to figure out how I want my island to look and then actually executing on the designs I come up with. I end up needing to take multiple breaks from the game because I get too stressed. I love my villagers, though, and I feel bad leaving them alone for so long. I love...
  10. AncientMuffin

    What an interesting corner of the internet

    Thank you both! :)
  11. AncientMuffin

    What an interesting corner of the internet

    I sorta just randomly stumbled upon The Cave of Dragonflies. The amount of love, personality, and charm that this website has is super heartening. I've spent so much of my life on the internet, yet I've never really posted in forums before. Not really sure what to write here. My pronouns are...