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Blastoise Fortooate

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  • In their intro thread?! :freaked:
    Before I forget to tell you Blastoise, I am neither covered in sapphires nor am I a Raichu. XP
    Hey,our battle-would you like to call it a draw so we can have a go with a different reff and setting? All these reffs for my battles are having mild brain farts so I''d like to have space to make challenges again =P

    Next battle-you pick the place.^^
    Hi! :D

    I'm here to inquire about your plans for The Smash Dojo. We're leaving it somewhat open ended, so that you guys can pretty much do whatever in the hell you want, keeping with the plot. Since your characters are pretty much just hanging out, I figured I'd ask you guys first. I think at this point Bowser and Skylar are going to be the last additions to the Halberd-ers. 2 out of 3 of the characters in your group have encountered Subspace before, so they might know what to do. If you'd like, just to simplify things, I could throw a boss at your group and see where it goes for there. Heck, I've been considering adding a second character for myself so he/she can join up with one of the others, but I can't seem to narrow down my choices. D:

    So if you've read all that, congratulations! I've also sent this to Skymin and Dragon. If there's a lot of conflict between all of you, we can probably find some sort of compromise.
    Sorry, I've already drawn you as Luigi. Sorry, its how I know you.

    *I know that you can but Olimar doesn't know that yet*
    Hi Blastoise! I'm making a drawing A Darkarmour's Iron legion of Friends picture, and I wanna out you on it! Should I draw you as Luigi (with a little olimar on his shoulder), a Blastoise or your avatar?
    Thanks for the help. I would have thanked you earlier, but I just now learned how to PM C:
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