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Recent content by Butterfree

  1. Butterfree

    E-mail problems

    The problem seems to be fixed on my end - please let me know if you have trouble receiving e-mail from the forums!
  2. Butterfree

    Hi everyone in this forums

    Hey! Good to have you here!
  3. Butterfree

    E-mail problems

    E-mails from the forums aren't working at the moment - I've been having to run around trying to reconfigure the mail server and set more DNS records and get the IP delisted from some general list of IP addresses that are not considered meant to send outbound e-mails, and hopefully this'll get it...
  4. Butterfree

    Man, you have a fantastic ASMR voice, I love it. :D

    Man, you have a fantastic ASMR voice, I love it. :D
  5. Butterfree

    let herbe draw a tarot card for you

    One card please :o
  6. Butterfree

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  7. Butterfree

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  8. Butterfree

    :D Thank you!

    :D Thank you!
  9. Butterfree

    Who's your favourite human character?

    At least in the games, definitely Guzma, Gladion and Lillie, followed by N, followed by Hop probably. I mostly just drink it up when characters have subtlety and psychological depth, which isn't usually a huge focus in this franchise but when there is a glimmer of it I just latch onto it harder...
  10. Butterfree

    Hey! I don't seem to have gotten your e-mail - searching, I only get the affiliation request...

    Hey! I don't seem to have gotten your e-mail - searching, I only get the affiliation request from 2015. Looked in my spam folder as well and no sign of it. Maybe it didn't send, or went to the wrong address?
  11. Butterfree

    Hello world!

    Hey, welcome!
  12. Butterfree

    Secret Link...again

    You've made some great, sound observations otherwise, though!
  13. Butterfree

    Clue Game Hints

    Well, what's the question the clue is asking?
  14. Butterfree

    Clue Game Hints

    You sure?
  15. Butterfree

    I grew up with this site.

    Hey, welcome! I miss the incredibly varied flora of fan websites that used to exist about basically everything. Fandom is all concentrated on social media and blogs these days, and while those have their upsides, they make information a lot harder to find, and they just don't have the sheer...