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Recent content by Cynder

  1. Cynder

    Picrew Thread

    Have some picrews of a couple characters I'm playing
  2. Cynder

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

  3. Cynder

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    "I have doubts as to if such forethought was taken, Gerald. If so more of us would have been injured, I fear." Oscen eyes the surrounding foliage warily before preparing to venture forth once more "Though let's not think too little of the inhabitants of these woods, lest we walk into an ambush."...
  4. Cynder

    The New Tumblr Thread

    i guess if we're reviving this here's mine: https://wondering-oracle.tumblr.com, it's mostly just whatever catches my eye, extensively tagged
  5. Cynder

    What are you listening to?

    way too much by aviators, especially his dark souls insp stuff
  6. Cynder

    Fallen London

    Does anyone else on here play Fallen London? My profile
  7. Cynder

    i have found my way back to tvtropes. this was a bad decision.

    i have found my way back to tvtropes. this was a bad decision.
  8. Cynder

    so bored

    so bored
  9. Cynder

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    "Indeed." Oscen sends an Air Slash arcing towards the Kricketune.
  10. Cynder

    UMD poke

    UMD poke
  11. Cynder

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    Oscen steps towards the entrance to the forest. "Hmm. Well, nowhere to go but onwards, may the Great Sun guide us." and he enters the mystery dungeon.
  12. Cynder

    Create Stuff & Chill

    progress, kinda
  13. Cynder

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    Oscen gently takes the sack with telekinesis, and it disappears into his plumage. "Thank you for your concern, but I am quite capable of carrying this small burden myself." He then nods to the shopkeep.
  14. Cynder

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    Oscen turns to the Kecleon, "May I take three Oran Berries for the journey?"
  15. Cynder

    Create Stuff & Chill

    starting on some pixel art https://www.piskelapp.com/user/6103335285817344