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Recent content by FKOD

  1. FKOD

    Ask Altmer Anything

    Can Virginia Woolf see the future? If so, what's her favorite color? No, I'd change my name to Hella Tankblaster. Isn't that a great name? If that's so, then why the heck don't I have a beard? Wait... abnormally small lemons don't exist? Am I going to be banned from kid's sites? Why didn't Frank...
  2. FKOD

    Ask Altmer Anything

    Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? If your name was Dude Steel, could you punch out the sun? Can you grow a beard out of sheer will? Who would win in a fight: God or an abnormally small lemon? What do you think FKOD stands for? Who came out of the door: the lady or the tiger? Can you lick mars and...
  3. FKOD

    Well, You Thought Wrong

    In FireRed, I decided I could take on the Elite Four 'cause I had Zapdos and Moltres in my party (this was the first Pokemon game I owned, so I wasn't as learned as some of you would've been at that time). After failing miserably the first few times, I decided that legendaries were nothing...
  4. FKOD

    Your Biggest "Fail" Moment in a Video Game

    I've been playing this game called Elona for a little while. In Elona, there is a mode you can activate in the console called Wizard mode. The only differences between Wizard mode and normal mode that I know of are 1)Your character's title is changed to *debug*, 2)You can look at any character's...
  5. FKOD


    I read: MS Paint Adventures Happyface Comics 8-bit Theater Sam and Fuzzy The Book of Biff Girl Genius Chainsawsuit Nemu-Nemu Awkward Zombie Dr. McNinja Flaky Pastry Looking For Group Not Enough BBQ True Magic Jack of all Blades Lackadaisy Super Effective Chinchillatron U.F.O
  6. FKOD

    Mesprit VS Uxie VS Azelf

    Uxie, with its superb wisdomosity!
  7. FKOD

    The "Durr" Thread.

    Once when I came home from school, I took off my socks and walked over to a trash can. Luckily, I realized what I was doing in time to stop myself from tossing out my socks. O_o
  8. FKOD

    Names For Kittens

    Name it the Fuzzy Kitten of Doom. You could name your kitten after an deity. My cats, Isis and Qetesh, are named after Egyptian goddesses.
  9. FKOD


    Yeah, it does seem a little weird that there's only a few pokemon evolve with stones. They can be a pain in the neck to get in some games, but there isn't an actual shortage of stones. Heck, in FR/LG it was possible to buy the freakin' things.
  10. FKOD

    The Dream Thread

    Once, I had this dream where this guy was going on adventures in some forest and collecting coins. Then, he'd go to this shop and buy some expensive stuff. Eventually, he buys the most expensive thing he could get, and the shop keeper says that he's now going to give the guy better deals. So...
  11. FKOD

    First starter?

    My first starter was bulbasaur. Bulbasaur used to be one of my favorite pokemon. He's now a level seventy-something Venusaur in my Pearl game (FireRed was my first game, so I could pal park him).
  12. FKOD

    Any Pokémon Dreams?

    Re: Any Pokémon Dreams? I've had several pokemon dreams. The first one I can remember is one where this gallade lured a chikorita into some clearing in a forest and absorbed her life force (or maybe something else, all I saw were shiny spherical doodads). I'm thinking that chikorita was my...
  13. FKOD

    The New "Pokésonas?"

    Re: The New "Pokésonas?" Hmm, I never thought about this one... Since I'm a crazy person, I should probably have a crazy pokemon as my pokesona. The craziest pokemon I can think of are electrode and spinda. I like spinda better (no offense, electrode), so I guess I'm a spinda. A spinda with a...
  14. FKOD

    Requests Closed Dame Alex's Sprite Center

    Re: Dame Alex's Center for Chao(s) Critique Wanted! *puts Mawile under magnifying glass* Hm, this type of chao sprite is different from what I worked with.... um.... a really long time ago. Although I think I've seen sprites like the ones you're using. The ones I use have bigger, rounder eyes...
  15. FKOD

    Your favourite Pokémon of each type?

    Re: Your favourite Pokémon of each type? Normal: Dunsparce Fighting: Meditite Flying: Togetic Poison: Dustox Ground: Flygon Rock: Aron Bug: Shedinja Ghost: Sableye Steel: Mawile Fire: Quilava Water: Vaporeon Grass: Bellossom Electric: Raichu Psychic: Gardevoir Ice: Sneasel Dragon: Dragonair...