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Recent content by mewtini

  1. mewtini

    Game Queue Something

  2. mewtini

    tcodfia come back challenge

    tcodfia come back challenge
  3. mewtini

    so good to see you around!

    so good to see you around!
  4. mewtini


    hi ray so glad to have u! sadly it has not been especially active here but i always find myself missing Forum Internet so so deeply
  5. mewtini

    Game Queue Something

    im praying i actually do check in here semifrequently still and i will say that if anything takes off i'm ~100% in (i've just signed up for a game elsewhere which is why i say approx, but ...) literally someone ping me on discord or whatever in case they want my attention or someone to /in. the...
  6. mewtini

    Game Queue Something

    but idk i guess this thread can act as an interest check, i think the post-holiday beginning of the year time should be generally freer for people than the beginning of semester/pre-holiday fall?
  7. mewtini

    Game Queue Something

    i would be down im just not sure if we can even gather up enough players. honestly i would personally be willing to host for the First Time if it meant getting tcodfia off the ground again, but that just reintroduces the player count issue
  8. mewtini

    Minimal Flavor Mafia signup thread

    Im On The Ground. My Hands R Clasped. I Bow My Head [I am praying for this game to get more mfing signups]
  9. mewtini

    Twenty Years of TCoD

    i just saw this ... MAN. no freaking way it's been so long. i'm late to this party but i have to pay my respects <3 this site + the forums literally raised me! butterfree's html tutorials are unironically probably the reason i work in tech full-time now. i remember being so engulfed in that and...
  10. mewtini

    Minimal Flavor Mafia signup thread

  11. mewtini

    Minimal Flavor Mafia signup thread

    /in, bitches
  12. mewtini


  13. mewtini

    Pokemafia - Super Mystery Dungeon - Sign Ups

    /spec <3 ty for tagging me!
  14. mewtini

    kanayaaaaa ...

    kanayaaaaa ...
  15. mewtini

    Pokémon Mafia: Arceus

    oh im not actually in