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  • Yeah I don't go there much either. My posts kept on getting deleted for some reason.
    Can't you reply to me in my profile? That way I know when you've replies and I feel more popular. Not that I'm complaining. Especially that there;s nothing to reply about anymore.
    Now you have more messages than me. T^T < See I used it.

    Anyway a few days ago I was on a Zelda forum and I was just skimming down the page and suddenly I thought 'OMG isn't that Mike the Foxhog's avatar' then I realized you were the same person because you had the same username. What a day that was, the first time I saw someone from one website that I go on on another.
    Why thank you !zZigzagoon =D

    I used to use T_T all the time, but then I saw T^T and thought "wow".
    Hey! Have another visitor message!

    Hmm... I never really use any variation of the T^T. I'm generally happy. ^_^
    XD Nah, the cross of the T is the closed eyelid and the stem is the tears rolling down. I guess the ^ just denotes an unhappy, downward-curved mouth.
    I didn't have any visitor messages, so I went out looking for a conversation. Now I have four :D You're not alone in feeling unloved.

    What does 'T^T' mean? Guessing that the 't's are crying eyes and the ^ is a sniffing nose?
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