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  • Oh okay :) I'm glad to know things are okay^^

    Oh that sounds like fun maybe i'll join that sometime.
    I read your profile just now...*sigh* Now i feel bad for speaking my mind :< Please don't be so hard on yourself. I mean maybe i don't think you're the nicest person ever, but thats no reason to well...be angry at yourself and stuff. Yeah, i'm not good with dealing with...THAT word....*sigh* Again, its part of my obsession with being 'nice'; it made me super afraid of some words that relate to things that aren't right in the world :<
    Anyways i do like your avatar. Sky blue is a nice color. :) Rainbow Dash is sky blue and lately she's been my favorite pony more. She's funny too.

    ....yes, i like ponies. So there.
    I have no idea what you're talking about or if its a troll or the likes... :/ Not to offend of course. Just sayin' i don't really know what you're coming from at this point and stuff. I guess i'm a little wary of you, no offense...again. Sometimes i get sick of being so 'nice' all the time...*sigh* (i have phobias relating to my obsession with being 'nice'...thats why i'm saying this....)
    Well I'm sayin it anyways m8
    I was gonna make myself Cobälion, or Cöbalion, so we'd be virtually indistinguishable :^)
    But then I decided against it because I knew you'd not be a fan.
    Yours is still pretty cool
    And at least I didn't enact my original plan
    out of curiosity, why is flora's old usertitle/signature/somesortofpersonalprofilebitidon'treallyremember part of your signature?
    Hey look, there it is! It must've stowed away on that last sentence instead of showing up where it was supposed to.
    Riiiiiiiiiight... Sorry, I've been really busy as of late, so I haven't had time. I'll get on it, though, and soon I'll shower you with all the writing you'd ever want
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