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  • Hey welcome! I'm also in the boat of having been a long time fan of TCOD. Back then the internet was way smaller so a fansite this good was bound to be visited by most of us at some point! I'm hoping some more active threads will show up on the board and we get to socialize a bit, as I get older I feel a certain kinship to people who have shared my childhood and teen interests (and post on forums).

    Hi! I relate a lot to this. Although, while the internet is "bigger" now due to the number of users, it certainly feels a lot smaller now because the number of sites I visit has decreased a lot over the last 10 years.

    Also, I don't remember you being active on tcod in the past, but I do recognise you as the person who maintained the stats dashboard for Twitch Plays Pokémon!
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    It's an eternal story with the slow death of the personal homepage (which had in fact already started with rise of the blog) and what we have lost during the transition from forums to social media and ever present Discord. As a child of the Internet who has lived through all this I definitely have opinions even if sentimentally colored.

    I was never active on the TCOD forums much -- I made this acocunt in 2015, which was already basically after the golden age of internet fora, and even then I only ended up making a few posts. I hung out on the #tcod IRC chat however, and I distinctly remember following a bunch of TCOD folk on Tumblr. It's cool that you recognize me from that project though! Over the years I've poked my talons into many places.
    For future reference, when replying to people, click the "View Conversation" button in their message. Responding there will allow them to get a notification for it.
    Just wanted to pop in and say that I've started and am enjoying your randomizer!
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