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Recent content by Sglod

  1. Sglod

    The silence game

    *logs into forum for the first time in 1.5 years to find I am the only person here*
  2. Sglod

    What Games Are You Playing?

    I've played Paladins, which is basically Overwatch for broke people, pretty much all day... Thing is, the servers are horrendous, which is not helped by my equally horrendous countryside broadband speeds, so at times the game is unplayable... Still, it's surprisingly good for running on Switch.
  3. Sglod

    TCoD creates a post.

  4. Sglod

    The log book

    I beg your pardon?!
  5. Sglod

    The log book

    Location; A patch of nettles in a dingle (DO NOT RECOMMEND) Duration; Longer than necessary (I had to take a break halfway through) Quality; Poor, smelt strongly of curry Size; I didn't think this much shit could fit inside my body Taste (if you're into that) Delectable; the flavour of last...
  6. Sglod

    Rate The Video Game Song Above!

    8/10 Moon over the Castle - Gran Turismo 5
  7. Sglod

    TCoD creates a post.

  8. Sglod

    Tell Me Something That's...

    What's the difference between a run-down bus stop and an promiscuous crab? One's a crusty bus station and the other's a busty crustacean Tell me a fact about your town/county/state (make sure it's interesting and unique!)
  9. Sglod

    TCoD creates a post.

  10. Sglod

    Aye, you can if you want. I'm pretty busy with college so I probably won't be able to keep track...

    Aye, you can if you want. I'm pretty busy with college so I probably won't be able to keep track of the battle...
  11. Sglod

    Favorite Words/Phrases

    I enjoy exclaiming 'Well, bugger me with a fish-fork' when surprised. My favourite insult is probably 'thundering piss-weasel'. When I was a kid I liked to call people 'donkey'; often shortened to 'donk' for some reason...
  12. Sglod

    Edit the post above you

    I don't know what to write here.
  13. Sglod

    Edit the post above you

    But then I came to my senses and departed on a 10-page ranting rampage.
  14. Sglod

    Vending Machine Game

    Out comes Parker from Friends In goes a direwolf
  15. Sglod