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  • Its alright. XD The server was busy yesterday. :)

    Hey, where did you say you were from again? You know where Wiltshire is, right?
    Eh heh heh.

    I'm a Gildor League Master, that's pretty much the only way I know who you are.
    The Elite Four are actually League Generals. There are five of them and if you beat all five generals, you will face the League Supreme Ralvarn.
    Sorry, stupid academics. Yes, I have made gyms.

    Flora of Kinleaf- Grass
    Faust of Rogueport- Fighting
    Artice of Glastron- Ice
    Flare of Embryon- Fire
    Strike of Volterra- Electric
    Aurion of Cychrona- Psychic
    Sandra of Boulderon- Ground
    Shadella of Descara- Dark

    I am open to suggestions too.
    I accepted the challenge. :)

    We are both founders of the LMA and we are going head-to-head. Should be quite interesting.
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