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  • Hey! Thanks for appreciating my unicorn thing on corrupt a wish! That seriously just made my day!
    It's cause of my dad, he's a bitch about the computer and won't let me get on. So I usually have to wait till he's asleep. >> And...um, it kind of occured to me yesterday when I got back from the movie that I didn't have your phone number XD;;; I need that again if you want me to call you. Otherwise, you have to call me. I'm up at 10:30 and usually home all day.
    I do get on, it's just I get on late at night! >< And I finally posted, so don't be too mad. Sheesh. DX

    (BTW...did you finish VVV? :3)
    XD You're funny. I watched that amv about a trillion times (watching it now); it's badass. The song rocks and so does the vid....^___________^
    Yeah, yeah, whatever....I seem to have to cover both of you...Hanabi and Cisele....*is annoyed*
    Oi, you. I probably won't get to be online all weekend so I need you to cover Cise-chan for me. X3 I'm gonna be SETTING THINGS ON FIRE! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY FIREWORKS! <3

    ..*cough* Anyways...thanks so much for doing this~Cisele thanks you!
    Yea it is. Since, 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510... will feed you for a lifetime.
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