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Recent content by Tarvos

  1. Tarvos

    Forum Shippings?

    At least you don't have to completely break your neck to kiss him.
  2. Tarvos

    Forum Shippings?

    Haha, familiar sight, that. And 6'1" is fairly average for a guy here... I think Dutch guys measure 6'... (I'm like 6'4" so)
  3. Tarvos

    Kellin Quinn or Freddie Mercury!

    If you're going to compare, make it Sofia Karlsson or Celine Dion or someone else with a voice worth listening to...I can even understand, say, Bruce Dickinson... but a singer from a random screamo band... that's sort of like Major League baseball and baseball on the pitch in Nowheresville.
  4. Tarvos

    Kellin Quinn or Freddie Mercury!

    Okay, I am vindicated. Screamo still exists?
  5. Tarvos

    Kellin Quinn or Freddie Mercury!

    Not to sound rude or anything, but... Who the hell is Kellin Quinn? (And no, I honestly don't know). Answer is of course Freddie.
  6. Tarvos

    Do you check TCoDF more than regular social networking sites?

    I check VK more than Facebook... As for TCOD, about equal with Facebook. I don't use either that much, although I have recently been able to warm up to Facebook a bit after I removed a lot of people from showing up in my news feed.
  7. Tarvos

    Why do many on this forum enjoy capitalizing random common nouns?

    I just use italics or caps... unless I'm being intentionally ironic. So, always then.
  8. Tarvos


    Age is not a factor in determining the relevance and validity of an argument, this is 100% true. The bit where age jumps in is people's ability to make a relevant and valid argument, and that's a skill that most people only develop later in life (and some don't at all). To make the comment to a...
  9. Tarvos

    Would you like to have children?

    Sure do, but I don't have to carry the things in my belly, so I'm going to have to relay this question to an eventual partner.
  10. Tarvos

    Valentine's Day

    I have French class on V-day. La langue d'amour...
  11. Tarvos


    Okay, you lot have got me convinced that this type of thing is just something I don't want to touch with a ten-foot pole. Actually, I wouldn't want to touch it were I wearing a New Anti-Harmful Substance Wetsuit 3000. I'm gonna go with a furry - "someone who enjoys animals, sometimes...
  12. Tarvos

    Problems with America

    Actually, come to think of it, what are the US obesity stats? 20% of people? 30%? I think we'd call the flu an epidemic for much less.
  13. Tarvos


    What's the difference between a furry and otherkin?
  14. Tarvos

    Problems with America

    In terms of epidemiology, you could probably make a case, actually. Better to call the beast by its name, it's really an issue. It doesn't have so much to do with "sensationalist terminology" as it does with the actual obesity data in the US, which are horrifying compared to what they are here...
  15. Tarvos

    Problems with America

    Is Kool-Aid American?