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    I've sent you a PM! ... or wait I guess they're called "conversations" now. check your inbox!
  2. ultraviolet

    Testing thread

    well, i'm not not a remnant of the past. definitely still existing though, apparently!
  3. ultraviolet

    Testing thread

    i like to knitting in my spare time (test)
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  5. ultraviolet

    uv vs. MD

    Snrk! Wha? What's happening... I turned into a wife!? Oh well. Let's do this! Sandstorm isn't super working in our favour because you're a tiny plant with a sun necklace and you're good at shooting sunshine, so let's go with Sunny Day because you have energy to spare. Then Solar Beam...
  6. ultraviolet


    as the admin of the telegram chat i have zero opinions about if people want to make a discord and ur fully welcome to do that if you want! the telegram chat was only ever just like a hey let's catch up with people thingo and it's become a semi-official community i'm just not going to move the...
  7. ultraviolet

    Super Monotype Doubles Tournament

    yoooo when this is wrapped up would it be ok if people posted their teams? i'm super interested to know what strategies people used, as a spectator :o Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  8. ultraviolet

    uv vs. MD

    MMMM ok let's try Pirella petilil watch what Goach does this round; if he's hanging around being kind of an asshole and he's within range, go with Leech Seed until it works, then Stun Spore until it works. If Goach is out of range, use Magical Leaf!! Leech Seed/Magical Leaf ~ Leech Seed/Stun...
  9. ultraviolet

    How did you get into Pokemon?

    I was introduced to Pokemon when it first aired in Australia in 1998 (I was six years old), and then I got Blue and a Gameboy Colour that christmas, and since then I have always been into pokemon. I distinctly remember seeing it on TV for the first time and being like 'wow, this isn't Sailor...
  10. ultraviolet

    uv vs. MD

    Well I mean you've been amazing in this battle, djurprinsessa, and you're definitely not going to survive this round, but I'm more than happy to watch Goach waste energy attacking you when he really doesn't need to, so just protect/detect. Protect ~ Detect ~ Protect
  11. ultraviolet

    Pokemon Go

    I was Skeptical about pogo but honestly it's really great when it's actually working! MD is here at the moment and we've been walking around trying to catch pokemon in our little suburban closed-off area and I've now walked to places that I haven't been to since I was a child. I also hatched a...
  12. ultraviolet

    belated thankyou!!!! sorry i haven't been around in A Long Time!!

    belated thankyou!!!! sorry i haven't been around in A Long Time!!
  13. ultraviolet

    thankyou!!! sorry i'm real bad at checking this place apparently ahaha

    thankyou!!! sorry i'm real bad at checking this place apparently ahaha
  14. ultraviolet

    Favorite board/tabletop games

    when it stopped working i asked around and the situation seemed to be 'it broke :(' but i don't know more about it than that. if someone was to make a new one then i would be incredibly grateful because i miss it so much :( didn't ye olde tcod have some kind of arcade? this was very shortly...
  15. ultraviolet

    Favorite board/tabletop games

    When I'm doing my own thing I like to make blue, blue/white or green decks. I'm still a bit of a noob so I haven't made anything that complex, but I did make a pretty successful green/black deathtouch deck a while ago. A lot of my friends play magic, and we do drafts, tribal, and keyword games...