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Recent content by Umbramatic

  1. Umbramatic

    Shining Pearl Snippets

    As I.promised, here are all the Shining Pearl ficlets in one, complete onershott. Well, it isn't QUITE complete - there's still one pending, but it'll take a while, so that'll be uploaded as a bonus chapter or revision if/when I complete it. Who's Who: -Hanuman: Chimchar line -Narcissus...
  2. Umbramatic

    It's Vaespar Night

    This is an original fiction Halloween Shitpost that I have been planning for a few years now. It stars one of my sonas who I love very much, is kind of a sequel to another original fiction shitpost (Steam Over The Post Apocalypse), and, well, kudos to whoever gets the joke. This is version 2.0...
  3. Umbramatic

    Leaving Things Behind

    This is just a dumb drabnble I got the idea to do to celebrate Sora being in Smash. Enjoy! Leaving Things Behind Sora stared at the letter in shock. "I'm... I'm in Smash?" "Smash? You mean that big fight club with all those video game people?" said Goofy. "Gawsh!" "You've made He...
  4. Umbramatic

    Divided I Fall

    IT'S FINALLY DONE! I am so sorry this took so fucking long, it took me like a year to write because my art brain forcibly took over my body for a stupid amount of time but now it is DONE and you can SEE it with your EYEBALLS. Anyway... This, This is a project I have been planning for YEARS but...
  5. Umbramatic

    Nigt Of The Living Tuesday (Revolutionary Girl Utena X ???)

    I'm sorry Night Of The Living Tuesday It was evening at Ohtori Academy. The setting sun's rays dappled upon Student Council Burger, the campus' premiere restaurant. A green haired, slender young man excitedly approached the doorway from the inside and changed the sign from "open" to...
  6. Umbramatic

    In Progress Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Tales Of Arrival (PMD X Tales Of Symphonia)

    Whew, it's been a while hasn't it? This chapter gave me a really hard time since i wasn't sure what to even do with it at first, but i think I figured out something hopefully actually interesting. Now prepare for: Chapter 3: Dungeon Master's Guide Kratos, Edbark, and Riki made their way down...
  7. Umbramatic

    Live To Serve (Fire Emblem)

    Hey, this fic was written for the Calamity's Advent zine! It was way more ambitious than I was originally intending and reigned in by wordcount limits so I'm not quite satisfied by it but it will do. It also mutated into some kind of weird horror comedy? It's a biopic/perspective flip of a...
  8. Umbramatic

    Unnecessary Feelings (Fire Emblem)

    oh wow i actually got replies here! thank you both!
  9. Umbramatic

    Unnecessary Feelings (Fire Emblem)

    Heyo! This is a dumb shippy drabble I wrote for a zine, it involves the Gamecube and Wii Fire Emblem games, crack, and angst. It probably should be longer but I had to fit it into four pages and with my writing style that isn't much. Fair warning however, that suicide-related topics come up...
  10. Umbramatic

    In Progress Heroes After All

    I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE I will respond to reviews later maybe i just want to make this chapter finally happen its been so long i'm so sorry Chapter 10: I Just Met You And I Love You...
  11. Umbramatic

    The Goddess' Child (Fire Emblem)

    Hey! This was a short thing I wrote for the Kith and Kin zine! It's technically a spinoff of my fic Rude Awakening but due to the nature of zines is it's own self-contained thing. Also! The lovely Mythicat did some wonderful art to go with this! Go check it out! The Goddess' Child Naga sat...
  12. Umbramatic

    An Eye For An Eye (Fire Emblem Three Houses X Undertale)

    im sorry An Eye For An Eye It was raining in Garreg Mach. Not an uncommon occurrence but today it was pouring particularly hard. And Dimitri was sitting out in it. Alone. There were many things on his mind today. The tragedy of Duscur, the betrayal of Edelgard, the war ravaging Fodlan... but...
  13. Umbramatic

    In Progress Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Tales Of Arrival (PMD X Tales Of Symphonia)

    Welp, I was gonna update Heroes After All next but I ran out of steam after that had a constant stream of updates for a while. So I decided to work on this fic instead. Here is where things start picking up: Chapter 2: Seeking Feeling Kratos woke up on the bed he was provided. He checked...
  14. Umbramatic

    One-Shot Shield Snippets

    Hi! Whenever I do one of my Pokemon game liveblogs/let's plays on my Tumblr, I like to flex my writing muscles along with it, and write dialogue and fanfic snippets for certain important moments, especially with new generations. Here is a collection of the latter I did for my Shield playthrough...
  15. Umbramatic

    In Progress Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Tales Of Arrival (PMD X Tales Of Symphonia)

    This fic is rated Teen for blood, mild gore, adults doing adult things like drinking and swearing, and some dirty jokes and such. About time I had another B fic huh? (Greenhorn Prometheus doesn't count, it was a three-parter that was written out ahead of time, shhhhhhhh) So, this is a fic...