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Recent content by Zexion

  1. Zexion

    hey! don't worry about it being out of the blue, it's no biggie, i remember your name too. i've...

    hey! don't worry about it being out of the blue, it's no biggie, i remember your name too. i've been well, hope you have been too! @LadyJirachu - don't play showdown, sorry
  2. Zexion

    hey! thanks. had been awhile since i had even logged in here. remembered it outta the blue one...

    hey! thanks. had been awhile since i had even logged in here. remembered it outta the blue one night and decided to check back in.
  3. Zexion

    Thank ya.

    Thank ya.
  4. Zexion

    Challenge Board

    i'm awful and died at the end of last year, but i think i'm back and really missed asb. Format: 2 v 2 single Style: set DQ: 10 days Damage Cap: 45% Banned/Restricted Moves: healing, OHKOs, Perish Song, 3 chills/pokemon Arena Description: Laverre City - this battle will take place in front of...
  5. Zexion

    Absence Sheet

    Real life is taking a toll and I can't focus on internet things too much. I'll be taking a leave until the end of the month.
  6. Zexion

    Zexion vs JackPK

    Alright ALHC, time to shine. Sure little Lululemon is going to go for a Withdraw, but we need to open this Round with a Toxic, even if Hallmark cards are meant to be kind and corny. Follow that up with a Secret Power, which is gonna be fun to use, cause Hallmark cards are secrets! Let's end with...
  7. Zexion

    ozzi9816 vs Zexion

    Nice, Tacos. Very nice. We have to keep this upper hand now. This is gonna be fun, and gonna be loveable. Let's lead off first with a Focus Energy (because crits are fun and confusion is not, so double whammy!). Let's follow that with a beautiful Sandstorm for some calming effects. To end...
  8. Zexion

    Zexion vs JackPK

    Whelp, sorry about that Jarfly. You win some, you lose some. From the looks of things, the next up will be A Late Hallmark Card!
  9. Zexion

    Zexion vs JackPK

    Short time, quick commands. Sorry Jarfly, I'm not the best. Jump in and hopefully end this with a Quick Attack/X-Scissor combo. If you can't nail that off because Pokey is unhittable, don't do anything, just stay still and use the combo the next time around. Quick Attack + X-Scissor/Nothing ~...
  10. Zexion

    Zexion vs JackPK

    Ugh. Tight spot, really tight spot. Let some frustration out first off. The only thing I can think of after is two x-scissors. Hopefully we can finish strong. Frustration ~ X-Scissor ~ X-Scissor
  11. Zexion

    Zexion vs JackPK

    Somehow we are coming out of that better than I expected, so good job Jarfly! Now, we need to focus on full power, that Eviolite isn't nice and neither is the confusion. However the odds aren't too rough, so we might be good, especially with the power boost. As much as I don't want to, go ahead...
  12. Zexion

    ozzi9816 vs Zexion

    Alright Tacos, good first round needs to followed with a great second. Lead off with diggin up and knocking her off her feet. Follow that with a double round of earth shaking goodness. Dig (up) ~ Earthquake ~ Earthquake
  13. Zexion

    Zexion vs JackPK

    Shoot, mistakes have been made and you haven't even started fighting. Sorry Jarfly, this'll be an uphill one for you, my fault. Sadly, you're gonna have to take that Swagger head on, which won't be fun. However, with that boost, we can work a little bit. After taking that Swagger, I want you to...
  14. Zexion

    Zexion vs JackPK

    Sweet Cerise! Overkill is obviously the best kill. One step closer to evolution, and you have a well earned rest, so take it easy while everyone else keeps the pace. It only makes sense to head down the list, now doesn't it? So, Jarfly, let's follow Cerise's pace and get a victory in the desert!
  15. Zexion

    Zexion vs JackPK

    Oh god, Cerise, this is getting too close for comfort. Maybe we should've gone all out attack this round. However, live and learn and all that fun jazz. We should be able to finish her off with one or two well placed Weather Balls, and that's exactly what you are gonna do. Spam Weather Ball...