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Recent content by Zora of Termina

  1. Zora of Termina

    Grand Carnival: Renewal

    ...I think everyone is just way too used to MF's games by now since they were the only ones happening for... a long time. We are all aware that Phantom... works, right? And has a very difficult job, at that. We shouldn't attribute to mafia action what might be attributed to real life issue.
  2. Zora of Termina

    Grand Carnival: Renewal

    ....Well. No deaths. That sure is. Helpful. Yeah I've got nothing. Just signing in.
  3. Zora of Termina

    Song Choice Mafia 8 - Revival

    OKAY i have a song now. Dragon Slayer - Ninja Sex Party
  4. Zora of Termina

    Idea Centre 3: Idea Harder

    you actually said it i love you anyway yes I encouraged this idea and so i am on-board
  5. Zora of Termina

    Sunflower vs Zora of Termina

    After much careful deliberation (read: I got lazy), I'm gonna go ahead and send out Jade.
  6. Zora of Termina

    Zora of Termina vs Bluberry Bat

    N-noooo, no you guys, don't- shit where's the spraybottle- I don't have a spraybottle. This'll have to do *more booze* You guys. ~ Stahp. ~ No, bad.
  7. Zora of Termina

    Zora of Termina vs Bluberry Bat

    What's a 'moment'. That's such an odd word ~ Like, what does it mean? ~ It's not a real unit of time so what is it?
  8. Zora of Termina

    Sunflower vs Zora of Termina

    Alright, I think we know we're about to go down, here. So let's be a couple evil pieces of shit. You're in a bad mood. Let's start off with Destiny Bond, then we'll vent that Frustration. Then, if you're still able, one last Sacred Sword. Destiny Bond ~ Frustration ~ Sacred Sword
  9. Zora of Termina

    Zora of Termina vs Bluberry Bat

    ...shit man, what just happened I can't even remember anymore ~ ...looks at sable ~ Hey is that a mirror in your pants 'cause I can see myself... in... your pants
  10. Zora of Termina

    Challenge Board

    Fuck it, I'll throw my lot in with Wormy.
  11. Zora of Termina

    Zora of Termina vs Bluberry Bat

    *snork* whahappen did i fall asleep ~ where am i ~ what year is it
  12. Zora of Termina

    Birthday Centre

    I have here in my inventory one Fire Stone, also, and I think it should go to Sylph. I'd also like to offer her a battle when my slots open up. I have no idea how to link items though or if I have to attach them to a Pokemon or something.
  13. Zora of Termina

    Zora of Termina vs Bluberry Bat

    ...Bruh. I didn't... know you s-spoke dubstep. Is it time already to have tea with the horrorterrors They're great... con.... conversation... yeah ~ If a little.... tentacle-y.... bruh. ~ I'd totally fuck that.
  14. Zora of Termina

    Zora of Termina vs Metallica Fanboy

    OKAY WOW I CONTINUE TO BE DENSE AS FUCK i didn't even know commands were posted I'M SO SORRY Okay so. Take advantage of that last Sunny Day action with Solarbeam, try to do it in one actions and if Sunny Day ends before you can get a shot off, then just take the energy hit, won't matter anyway...
  15. Zora of Termina

    Sunflower vs Zora of Termina

    OKAY THANK GOD THE DQ TIMER IS TWO WEEKS i'm so dense vast shrug Okay, let's see. How about we start off with Psych Up, since the stat boons would be nice to have. Then I guess just try to whack it with Sacred Sword a couple times. If it tries to protect against those, Spite it one last time, I...