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A Farewell to ASB

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So, a while back I said I was going to take a year off ASB and decide whether I wanted to continue running the league here. It hasn't been quite a full year, but I think waiting any longer would be pointless. I don't have any interest in participating in ASB right now, and I don't expect that I will in the future, either.

This doesn't have to mean the end of ASB on TCoD, of course. If there is anyone interested in running this league themselves using the current infrastructure, then you're welcome to ask me about it in private; it's probably fine, but one way or another I don't have any interest in being a part of whatever results. At present the hack system only works for administrators, but if someone is interested in using it in particular, I may be able to modify it so that normal members can administrate it. Alternatively, if you would like to start your own league here from scratch, that's also probably fine; you would just need to get permission from Butterfree.

At least for now, the ASB forums are all locked down, and if there's not going to be any further activity here, I'm going to leave them visible for another week, then remove them from the forum index. They'll remain accessible through their normal URL, but they will no longer appear on any of the normal board navigation.

I'm sorry that the league kind of fell apart towards the end; it would have been nice to give it a proper sendoff, instead of just having it collapse. I should have made better preparations for turning the league over to someone else when I stepped down, but I simply wasn't planning to do so and hadn't really thought about it. Nevertheless, I hope that you all enjoyed playing in ASB half as much as I enjoyed running it over the years. Thanks to all the players and referees who gave their time and energy to make ASB great, and again, I'm sorry I let you down in the end. For those of you who miss playing in ASB, I hope that you can find another league where you can scratch that itch (maybe even one here!), and to everyone else, best of luck wherever you happen to end up.
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