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I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
Seeing that the recent GameStop Wave 4 preorder debacle happened recently, I think now's the best time to talk about this.

Do you have any amiibos? What do you think about the way Nintendo has handled the whole situation? Which franchises do you think will get their own amiibo line?

I got a Mega Man amiibo last Saturday, even though I don't even have a Wii U. ^^; I do have both games, though.
We have a Yoshi and a Link from the Super Smash Bros. series. As of yet they aren't incredibly useful; the Link is mine and the Yoshi is my brother's, so Link gets some decent attention through Smash but Yoshi remains basically untouched. I can see them as having a lot of potential but they haven't lived up to it yet.

I guess what makes amiibos different from, like, Skylanders or whatever is that they work with multiple games. You're getting your thirteen dollars out of it because unlike other RFID figurines (note: despite their rising popularity, there's still no actual name for the brand of products including Skylander figurines, amiibos, et cetera and there really should be), amiibos are compatible with... well, a lot of games, which decreases the probability of you using it once and never touching it again pretty significant.

It did strike me as strange how there are different series of amiibo, i.e. a standard Mario and a Smash Mario. I suppose it makes sense, seeing as the Smash-series amiibos really were pretty obviously tailored to... well, Smash, but still. The difference is purely aesthetic and because I'm me, that bothers me a lot.
I don't have a Wii U or a New 3DS so I don't have any use for them at the moment but if a Princess Daisy one comes out and it doesn't look terrible, I'm getting one of them.
I have tons of various amiibos, and I love collecting them.

Gotta say, from everything I've heard I'm glad Europe doesn't have store-limited amiibos... or very limited preorders.
At least the guy who (claimed to have) bought all the Rosalina amiibos he could find so that other people couldn't get them, bought them legally!

Are plastic squids really worth breaking the law for?

The black amiibo market is a strange and terrifying world.

Plot twist mariotehplumber IS the truck-jacker.
I only watched two minutes of mariotehplumber, and as pacific as I am, I am but a human, and I have weaknesses, and I've never wanted to punch someone harder in their damn face.

So! Wave Four's almost upon us. Any preorders, plans to buy amiibos?

I'm buying the Splatoon Wii U bundle. Hopefully, I'll get my hands on a Ness amiibo, too.
I managed to get Charizard. Hopefully, neither the Splatoon amiibos or Pac-Man will become unicorns; I'm expecting Wario, Charizard, Robin, Lucina, and Ness to become this.
Hey so which amiibos are supposedly the rarest right now? In America I'd be lucky to find more than Mario and Pikachu in most stores, but I've discovered in Australia the shops seem to have just about all of them.

I got a Lucario for myself, and I'm considering getting ones for my friends if I have enough space in my luggage.
Almost all of them are incredibly rare. Get some older ones like Robin, Lucina, or King Dedede. As long as they aren't available on Gamestop's or Best Buy's website, buy them.
Yeah we have tons of them in Aus, but they go quick and the ones that are restocked are Mario,Pikachu, DK etc plus there seems to be a bit of a surplus of other game amiibos, Inklings, mario party ones

I actually have a Japanese Link I bought from Big W...I guess it'd be like Walmart
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