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ASB Awards 2010

Votes are in, and the winners are bolded in the first post. There was a handful of ties, with a couple being three-way, but I'm fine with that. Congratulations to everyone who won, especially our ASBer of the Year 2010, Mike the Foxhog! And many thanks to everyone who participated and made this year's awards a success, whether you nominated, voted, or were just around being cool enough to get a nomination. Here's to another year of ASB, and here's hoping we'll see your name on the nominations list when the awards roll around again next year.
Wow. One of the best battlers? Really? My win-loss record is horribadddd.

But congrats to the winners! Especially Mike - and no, we're not drunk, nor are we high. x3 You totally deserved this.

Also, question: does the referee count as a participant in the Best Battle category? I'm quite sure it's been answered but I've looked through both threads and the answer seems to elude me.
what how am i asber of the year i demand a recount

Seriously aaaaaa thanks guys :'D And congrats to anyone who won anything especially me
I must remember to suggest a "Best Profile" award next year, since I noticed lots of people are making theirs all purty-like. including me
I can't believe I was even nominated for anything (two categories!), much less won one of them. Or, well, tried for the win. You people spoil me, thank you. <3

Anyways, congrats to Mike and everyone else who was nominated. :D
Er, late to the party, didn't even realize this existed, much less that I won a thing. But thanks!
Oh hey, I won something.

I still feel disappointed that despite the various nomiations I got nobody decided to pick Hammertime.
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